Thursday, September 8, 2016

2016 September Newsletter

(August 1st through the 5th) Monday we started with having 104 in attendance and by Friday 230. There were 4 that received Christ and many others we dealt with on Salvation. Depending on the year the ages of the kids fluctuates. We had many young kids this time, but that only means in Sekondi that there are many young mothers that have been influenced by our church through the years! To God Be The Glory! The young ones are teachable! There also is a place by our church that sells juicy drinks. Last year at VBS time that company just moved in and was wondering what was going on with all of the kids we had for VBS. This year the Lebanese man that runs the company brought and donated drinks to us for each kid on Monday. Bro Prince and I went to thank him and he said that he would like to come. On Thursday they donated to us again. Ebenezer and Nicolina, brother and sister from the Kojokrom Bible Study, are really taking to our Church at CBBC and getting involved.

Tug of War

Youth Competition At CBBC: 
(August 19th) Anchor Baptist Church in Cape Coast, a Missionary work in Kansarowada, and CBBC had a Youth Competition all day. Those in attendance were broke up into 3 groups. The first part of the day we had teaching sessions. We taught on the Trichotomy of Man. (The subject of teaching was prompted by our Friday night men’s classes at CBBC on the book “Tall Law” by Steven Curington). I taught on the spirit of man, that does the communication with God; Prince taught on the soul of man, that is to take direction from our spirit; and Koasi taught on the body of man, which carries out the direction received from our soul. As Christians All 3 Parts of Man God wants to be “Sanctified” – set apart, pure, and holy. God’s Will is that we would be “wholly”- perfectly, sanctified and our “whole”- total, being (our whole spirit, our whole soul, and our whole body) would be sanctified. “And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your   whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” – I Thessalonians 5:23. After the teaching sessions we had a filling lunch, and then we had the long awaited Quiz on the book of Ruth. CBBC came in 1st place, Kansa in 2nd place and Anchor in 3rd place. From all of the   commotion going on the Youth seemed to be having a good time. Bro Prince ended the day with a message. 

Classes in the morning

Bible Quiz

CBBC Winners

Evening Bible Classes At CBBC: 
(August 23rd) The start of our 1st Semester for this year’s Evening Bible Classes at CBBC. We have 10 enrolled. This is our biggest class since our start 4 years ago. 6 are our faithfuls at CBBC, 2 are our 1 year olds in Christ from Kojokrom, 1 is a youngster who is 13 years old and just starting to grow and mature spiritually in the Lord, and the last 1 to be enrolled is a young man of about 14 years old that just got saved a few weeks ago. Please pray that they all faithfully survive, especially those in regular school yet and also as they will face other challenges and tests that God allows to come through this semester of Evening Bible Classes. Mondays, I am teaching the book of Genesis; Tuesdays, Bro Koasi is teaching on the Life of Christ; and Thursdays, Bro Prince is teaching on the book of James.

Monday Bible Class (Me)

Tuesday Bible Class (Pastor Koasi)

Thursday Bible Class (Pastor Prince)

The $6,000 goal for the Container of Scriptures has almost been met. On this project just a little push is needed to meet our goal. We lack only $126.55. Thank you for those who have given to this project! 
On August 26th we had Movie/Evangelism Night. There were many that came and the gospel seed 
was sown. Praise the Lord, we have been able to get some Church Property and we are working on 
getting the lot in front of the lot we now have. Because of the corruption in Ghana it is very hard and 
it takes time to get many thing done over here. Thank you for your prayers! We now have a waterline 
and running water on the land. This month we are taking our Saturdays and doing some brick making. 
Bricks, Bricks, Bricks, and more Bricks!                                                                                                                                                             
Movie Night

Purchased Land, we have the back from the white wall to about where the guys are standing.

From back to front, that is facing the Sea. The front is government owned and we
 hope to get the front part. Please be in prayer. 

Another view from back to front different angle

“The Lord recompense thy work, and a full reward be given thee of the Lord God of Israel, under whose wings thou art come to trust.” – Ruth 2:12                                        

 Matthew J. Siekbert