Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2016 July Newsletter

     We are glad to see the working of the Lord. We have started about three years ago with this Bible study for a few reasons: 1. Because the Lord was in it. 2. Because I believe churches should reproduce themselves as individual Christians should. 3. It is a part of a growing faith and a giving of self for CBBC in their serving the Lord. Benjamin, since this New Year, has been working with us helping and translating faithfully. Benjamin a few years ago did not seem to have a focused interest, but Praise the Lord for the change I am seeing now. Cecelia, a young girl who grew up in our church at CBBC is now also serving in our Bible Study. They both are visiting there every Saturday with us. Please be in prayer for them as they are growing in the Lord. There is an older man that has been coming to the  Bible Studies. His name is Ben. We are excited for his coming. With him continually coming he might spark other older men that we have been in contact with in the same area he lives. There are also some young families we have been visiting that we pray will come.

Cecilia, Nicolina and Naomi witnessing/inviting folks to church in Kojokrom

Mack and Benjamin witnessing in Kojokrom

     On Sunday Mornings at the Deaf School Naomi, Matthew Jr, and I are teaching OT Bible Stories for Sunday School. During this time my wife is teaching a girls class at CBBC; Sunday Evenings at Kojokrom Bible Study I am going through the Book of Romans; Tuesday Evenings I have just finished with a booklet on Christian Traits; Wednesday Mornings at West Ridge School, Prince, Koasi, Matthew Jr, and myself are teaching on various subjects for their Morning Worship Time. After Morning Worship at West Ridge  School we go to the church and we are going over the book Mentoring & Modeling. This May we’ve started on Friday Evenings teaching over the book Tall Law for a men’s only  class.

Sunday Evening in Kojokrom

Teaching the book of Romans

Tuesday Evening in Kojokrom

     Little by little things are progressing.

      Two other Missionaries and myself are going together in purchasing a 20' Container of Scriptures. The cost will be at least $6,000. We have put in $1,000 a piece. I would like to mention our need for the remaining $3,000. It would only take 6 churches at $500 a piece to help us accomplish this goal. If you could prayerfully and financially consider helping us, we would be grateful.
“And the Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the Lord gave Job    twice as much as he had before.” – Job 42:10                                                                                      Through Prayer and Patience we see the Blessings of the Lord!             

Matthew J Siekbert