Wednesday, May 25, 2016

2016 March Newsletter

Ministry has its issues but it also has its rewards! It is a blessing to see God at Work!  People Served and People Saved! In January and February we got to go to 2 new villages, Nakontopon and Esiaman in Sekondi to show movies. The First Village, a week before we showed, someone was robbed and murdered. During setting up and showing the movie many from CBBC and our Bible Studies in Kojokrom and Kansa were on the sidelines giving out John and Romans and witnessing sharing the Gospel. Cornerstone had 6 representing them, Kojokrom represented by my family had 5 and Kansa represented by Bro Harrison had 2. At least 9 Accepted Christ as their Savior and 2 are coming faithfully to church. The Second Village, Bro Prince and his wife live in, was represented by  the same as the First Village plus one more from Kojokrom, Bro Harrison’s wife, some students he is teaching Bible courses, and 3 visitors from the States. Some from this Second Village Accepted Christ. Also other contacts to go back to were received. One from there has visited the church and Prince is still working on her. By practicing and playing soccer my boys are helping in developing friendships. In one month Matthew brings a message and the next month Joseph brings a message. This has    sparked some interest in the younger boys that look up to my boys. Jackie and Naomi do a Bible Club for the kids on Saturdays and a lady in her 20’s named Harriet who listens in on the Bible story they invited and she came to a church activity we had. Please pray for our M.C. this week at CBBC.

Setting up the screen and sound

Koasi witnessing

Matthew inviting/witnessing

Abigail came Sunday, from one of our movie nights

Activities: In January and February our teams: Kojokrom, Sekondi, & Kansaroda played some competitive soccer matches. In January my team in Kojokrom along with Kansa played against Bro Prince’s team in Sekondi and lost 5 to 3. In February after weekly practises my team in Kojokrom     shut out Prince’s team in Sekondi 2 to 0. Kansa, well they tried. Their score with Kojokrom was 0 to 0 and their score with Sekondi was 0 to 3. With all in fun whether we win or lose in Kojokrom or   Sekondi we win!!!

Land Issues: At times it seems we are close to be getting church land then a problem comes and seems to put us back. This time the land we have been working on getting the owner has died. Sad to  say that it might have been a blessing in disguise. Unbeknownst to us the man did not own all that he was telling us. Now that he is dead we found out that he owned a little section of the land and that the government owned 2 more lots of which he was trying to get us to pay for and keep one for himself. Now that he is dead his sons want to sell us his little section and the government wants to sell us the other 2 lots. AMEN!!! This kind of reminds me of Ananias and Sapphira with holding from God. Although there are many delays in life, God’s Timing Is Best. God’s Timing is connected to God’s Guidance, Protection, and Provision.

Bits Of Bread: Don’t Withhold Whatever Is God’s or Whatever He Wants from Land to Your Life!!! “And kept back part…” –Acts 5:2a The Lord Knows All –Secrets and Motives Included!!!

Prayer Request:                                                                     In His Service,
Movie/Soccer Outreach
Betty- Missions Secretary, heart fibrillation
Mrs. Rowell-Pastor’s wife has blood clot in lung                                
Church Land in Ghana                                                                                Matthew J. Siekbert

2016 May Newsletter

Conference On Missions: 
March 13-16 I got to preach in Sekondi CBBC’s Mission Conference. The conference was on “The Call & Commission Of John 20:21”. This passage is Jesus’ 1st sermon/charge after His Resurrection and it was concerning the Great Commission. Also, Jesus last sermon/charge before He ascended     in Act 1 was concerning the Great Commission. The charge the Lord gave his disciples is a Charge for the Local Church to fulfill. Sunday Morning I preached on the word “AS” out of Jn 20:21 (The How To) – “Sensing The Call Of God”; Sunday night “The Aspects Of Missions”: Going & Giving the Gospel, Giving Offerings To FPM; Giving Self To Missions, Answering the Call Of God, Living By Faith Believing God’s Promises, and the Job of the Local Church! Monday night I preached on the statement “My Father Hath Sent” (The One Who Commissioned); Tuesday night on the word “ME” (Directed To Whom) – Jesus’ Attributes, the qualities that would make us better at fulfilling the Great Commission; and Wednesday night I preached on the Commission “EVEN SO SEND I YOU” – Emulating our Master and our Savior Jesus the Christ. Hearts were stirred. The people at CBBC and Kojokrom Bible Study have been in action.

March 27-28 we had good services for Easter at CBBC. Easter Monday is a big day here in Ghana. We had the church folks and Kojokrom Bible Study folks over to our house on that Monday. We played games had fun and everyone brought their lunch. We had a great time of fellowship and ended our time with devotions and coconuts from our tree.

April 17 CBBC celebrated their 9 year anniversary. We held an early evening service right   after lunch. For the people at church Linda, Princes’ wife, made rice and chicken for afternoon lunch break. We had a time of special music, testimonies and congregational singing.

May 2-6 we held our 1st VBS in Kojokrom. We met at a school near by and it was well attended. We had 14 workers each day, most from CBBC and a couple of those workers were from our work in Kojokrom.   Also we had 2 Salvations, we ended up having 133 in attendance for our biggest day for the week. It is a blessing to me to see those who have been saved serve the Lord and grow His work in other areas.

Move To School: 
I mentioned above of having VBS at a school in Kojokrom. On May 8th, we moved our services to this school Sunday evening and Tuesday evening services. It is not far from where we were meeting before at our mechanics house. We have seen more coming to the school. The young lady who got saved at VBS, Fostina, has been coming since we started at the school. I believe if we were still at the house many of these would not come. Thankful God knows the need and opens the doors ahead of time. Our mechanic and his family are still among those who come and Benjamin, from CBBC, Prince’s brother has been a great help with translating for me during the services.

Bits Of Bread:
Someday You Will Be Faced With News In The Morning, the outcome of ones rude and mean spirited way. In I Samuel 25 Nabal was “churlish and evil in his doings” – 25:3. Nabal’s wife, Abigail, pleaded for Nabel, a man she said was a “man of Belial” – 25:25 Are you living a life someone else has to   humbly plead for and apologize for. Are you living a life that will bring Happiness in the Morning or that will bring Hardness in the Morning?
“But it came to pass in the morning, when the wine was gone out of Nabal, and his wife had told him these    things, that his heart died within him, and he became as a stone.” – I Samuel 25:37

                                                                                                                       - Matthew J. Siekbert