Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 January Newsletter

New Year New Things: 
Every month we have scheduled a Movie to show and a Football Game (Soccer Game) to play. There is a Missionary Family that has come to Church Plant in Ghana. He has started working in Kansawroda a village that is on my way to Sekondi and Kojokrom. As my family and I work on Church Planting in Kojokrom we still are investing in our church plant with Prince in the area of Sekondi. Inside of these three main areas (Kojokrom, Sekondi, & Kansawroda) we are concentrating in certain locations showing movies: First, about Christ’s Death, Burial, & Resurrection; The Second, about the Life Changing Power of the Gospel Accepted; and Thirdly, about the Rapture and the Judgment of God. On December 29th we showed in Kojokrom at the Eno play park where we have had Bible Studies our last term. On January 2, 2016 we started with a football game (soccer game) focusing on these main areas having a team from each main area (Kojokrom, Sekondi, & Kansawroda). Our desire through these New Things is to grow Cornerstone’s outreach into other locations of Sekondi and our Village works; the know how, the excitement and encouragement of the church people we have in each area of Work to Evangelize the lost and Leading them to the Lord.       

Getting things set up to show a movie

During the movies our guys from the churches represented are witnessing to folks.

Kojokrom Happenings: 

From our Bible Studies Sunday night and Tuesday night in Kojokrom, Ebenezer and Nicolina were baptized. Praise the Lord their parents attended Cornerstone with us for the baptismal on November 29th. Along with continuous teaching on Christian Traits in Kojokrom I began this New Year teaching through Romans. My wife has also begun teaching a Bible club this New Year there. I have challenged our Bible Study to Read a verse every day then write down what they think it means. In this Religious Country I believe with some guidance this could really help them to re-think of the twisted wrong that they have been taught. Please pray for these Three locations of concentration in the growing village of Kojokrom: Eno, Jerusalem Town, & Market Side. My car is going through a repairing & a breaking down epidemic. That has led to more walking and taxiing. On the 9th I got to lead Francis a taxi man to the Lord and invite him to our Bible studies. George Spodure, a Navy Chief and Isaac Ampah both family men and residence in Kojokrom are some men I am working on. Please pray for them along with many others who come out to play football (soccer).     

Ebenezer and Nicolina

With Parents and Pastors

Koty and Dorcas, Emmanuella, Ebenezer, Nicolina and Winifred

Joseph giving his testimony at Kojokrom Bible Study

Kojokrom Bible Club on Saturday morning

David trying on Saul's armour

Sekondi Happenings: 
On December 23rd our Bible Study in Kojokrom went over to Cornerstone for our Christmas Party that was enjoyable and well attended. Prince and Linda hosted our family at their house for their 1st Christmas together as a couple. They prepared a fabulous dinner! It is encouraging to see them working together as Pastor and Pastor’s wife at Cornerstone. They are growing together. New Comers are visiting. He has told me that at home they are going over the book of Daniel together. Please pray for these Four locations of concentration in Sekondi: European Town, Ekwasi, Esiaman, & Nakontopon. On January 4, 2016 we showed a movie in Ekawsi. As it was playing young men from the new missionary’s work and Cornerstone in Sekondi were on the sidelines telling other about Christ and leading some to trust in Christ Only as their Savior. It was exciting to see how the Blood has Power to Save but also to Spark a fire in Christians who willingly serve Him. At Cornerstone Prince, Koasi, and I are still teaching Evening Bible Classes. This Monday  we started back up. I’m teaching “The Book of Zechariah”, Koasi & Prince are teaching part 2 of “The Miracles of the Bible”; and “The 8 Holy Days & 7 Feasts of Israel”. We plan to be finished by the 2ndweek of May. West Ridge School let out for Christmas but a few weeks before several students from out of my class Accepted  Christ as their Savior. They will start back up Monday. The Deaf School we teach during Sunday School hour resumes Sunday. The Lord is at Work. The Sekondi Church land is still in the works. Please pray that we can get it soon! I hope to let you know more soon! Thank you all for your Christmas Gifts, Cards, and Prayers. We  also want to thank the Lord for Good Shepherd Baptist Church for taking us on as a part of the missionary family! Those who gave for us to have an Inverter thank you very much! It is keeping our electric going and many mosquitos away. Thanks!    
“And declared to be the Son of God with power,…” –Romans 1:4                          

Christmas Gathering at Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church

Prince and Linda pounding Fufu

Fufu with Light Soup and Chicken


In His Service, 

Matthew J Siekbert