Monday, September 14, 2015

September Newsletter 2015

For the past 2 years we have had a Tuesday Evening Bible Study in Kojokrom. We recently started visitation on Saturdays in Kojokrom and have begun a van route to bring the folks to Cornerstone for Sunday mornings. In October we will begin holding Sunday Evening Services there in Kojokrom. Pray for the Kojokrom Bible Studies, Koty, his wife, & his family as they are facing little challenges presented by the Devil in helping us start a work for the Lord there. I told them that the  Devil is faithful at his job so stay committed to your work for the Lord. Prince will continue to Pastor CBBC. Thank you for the special offerings that have come from Christ Mission and Cornerstone!!!

Our annual Vacation Bible School was in August from the10-14th. Our Theme for the week was “Choose Your Way”. Monday I taught, Tuesday Philip Taught, Wednesday Koasi taught. That night after class 3 received Christ. Thursday Prince taught, & Friday Joseph taught and several others during this class received Christ. Monday we started with 94 in attendance and by Friday our high was 131.

Those who came for salvation

On August 17th we started our Evening Bible Classes for our church. The Classes being taught are: Wall-Builders by me on Monday, Miracles Of the Bible (Part 1) by Bro Koasi on Tuesday, and 8 Holy Days & 7 Feasts of Israel (Part 1) by Bro Prince on Thursday. Anyone wanting to learn more about the Bible these classes are for them. My kids also started school on the same day. Pray for Sunday Baptism Classes for those who received Christ in the Kojokrom Tuesday Evening Bible Studies and VBS in August. The Devil is at work!

We are happy to announce that Prince and Linda Tackie had their wedding on August 29th. Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church now has a Pastor’s wife. Many people came to see the wedding. I think he had over 500 people in attendance. I got to give their Salvation Testimonials, Admonishments, & Preach the Wedding Message on Typologies of the Groom and Typologies of       
the Bride. My wife and kids played their instruments during the wedding. The Special instrumentalist song was “God Give Us Christian Home” played during the Lighting of the Unity Candle and Prince & Linda’s Time in Prayer together. Pastor Dare married them. On Sunday they came to church as a   new couple and sang us a song. They left for their Honeymoon on Monday. The Friday morning  before the wedding, Prince’s family and Linda’s family had their dowry ceremony. Prince has to meet the requirements in order to marry Linda. Gifts, money and negotiations are made during  the ceremony. It was a nice wedding. In August also our son Matthew turned 16 on the 31st. He has done well in playing the piano and We Thank God for him! We are Blessed!!!

Bits Of Bread: 
As Christians Trials In Life Are To Help Build Us and To Perfect Us, The Needful Grace Of God In Our Lives Is To Sustain Us, and The End Result Is To Be Firmly Fixed On Him!!!                                                  
“But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus,                                                                  after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.” – I Peter 5:10