Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July Newsletter 2015

It seems to have started June 1st till July 20 that we have been on the move, literally and in haste preparing, leaving, arriving, sorting out, cleaning up, and putting things back in order from the US to Ghana W Africa.

Needs Met: 
Before our Leaving in June, Lighthouse Baptist Church helped us finish meeting a  need of being able to purchase an Inverter & some Deep Cycle Batteries for Africa. THANK YOU!!! With anticipation of others, this month Gospel Light Baptist Church has been the first church to take us on for support while on a year’s furlough. That brings us to almost 94% of our needed support level. Praise the Lord & Thank You! This church is a church plant that is just a few years old. Please be in prayer of what God would have you to do. The Key and Purpose of the Local New Testament Church Is Missions! Life Is In The BLOOD! Telling and Sharing With Others Jesus’ Shed Blood for All the World All over the World! “…by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe:”

More Thanks Due: 
To the New Churches that gave us an opportunity to present and hopefully, gain some new and needed support; To our Supporting Churches for your prayers and giving over, above, and faithfully; To our Missions Secretary for constantly keeping on top of things and especially, as we got ready to leave. Without Betty many things would be a lot more complex; My Brother and his Wife using their truck & house for our last few days. They were gracious and tolerant to say the least; My Parents and Siblings who visited us in the last few days to just send us off at the airport without much of a visit from us (me, Jackie and our kids) socializing or acknowledging for the sake of our orderly packing frenzy of a 3 year term. The trip up was not a waste although it may have felt like it!  Our Church for letting us use the church van to the airport and for letting us come be apart of you  while in and out of town this past furlough year. Our church directory that we pray over as a family is a lot more familiar and meaningful; and a First, Foremost, and Forever Thanks To The Lord Who Provides All And Makes It All Come Together!  

Prayer Requests: 
Prince and Linda’s Wedding August 29, 2015; VBS at Cornerstone August 10-14, 2015; Success this Term in Obtaining Church Land & Property Papers for Cornerstone Land along with some Construction Progress; Kid’s Schooling to Start in August; Evening Bible Classes at Cornerstone; New Church Planting Endeavors; Finding the Right House Inverter; Renewal of Vetting Form/Resident Permit.

Bits Of Bread: 
Church, Get Back To The Basics, Get Back To What You Are Made For!!! Stop Competing With The World, You Will Lose  & You Will Lose Your Spirituality. I’ve Seen It. I’ve    Been In many churches and It is Sad!!! – Life Is In The Blood!!! – Missions Is A Must!!! The Design, The Key, and The Purpose of the Local New Testament Church Is Missions!!! “

But now the righteousness of God without the law is manifested, being                                                                                                                            witnessed by the law and the prophets; Even the                                                                                               righteousness of God which is by faith                                                                                                            of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all                                                                                                          them that believe: for there is no difference:”  –Romans 3:21-22               

 Matthew J. Siekbert