Monday, June 1, 2015

May Newsletter 2015

Ghana Needs
We want to thank all those who have helped with our appliance needs in returning back to Ghana. In this newsletter update we give a special thanks to Blessed Hope and Crusade Baptist in extra funds toward Abeka flashcards for the ministry and an Inverter. We are still working on getting 4 batteries at about $500 a piece and a Pure Sine Inverter charger 6000/8000 watt low frequency solar invertor at about $1,250/$2,400.                                                                                                                                               

Furlough Travels
April was a busy month for us. We had just come from 3 weeks being away from  home in the month of March. We had Easter Sunday with my parents. The next weekend my niece, Hannah, got married. I helped with the first part of the ceremony. We then went right into our home church’s Missions Conference. We enjoyed getting to know our church family better. Being on the field new people come and join the church so it was good to not just say a “Hello” in passing, but to be able to sit down and have a meal together and get better acquainted. The next Sunday we had an all day meeting at Blessed Hope during their Missions Month. They were a blessing, then onto a Missions Conference in Michigan with Dr. Vick as the main speaker. That Friday we headed over to Bethel in Illinois. They asked Jackie to speak at their mother/daughter banquet and then had us for the Sunday Services. We enjoyed our weekend with the Rowell’s. The last church was a church plant of 3 years where are kids got to enjoy playing their instruments with a trumpeter there. We only have 3 more meetings and then we will be home to speak at our home church, then our final pack up and head   out. Thank you for all that you have done for us this year. We have had the opportunity to be with many of our supporting churches to preach and give an update of God’s Working in Ghana. Also we have been at many new churches this furlough that we hope the Lord will lead in partnering with us as their Missionaries to Ghana West Africa. We are at 92.57% of our needed level of support.                                                                                                                                        

Looking Forward: 
We are looking forward to our return to Ghana at the end of June. Pastor Prince Tackie will be getting married in August, and Linda will be a new member of Cornerstone. We are ready for our next term, to see what God will do through us. This will probably be our two oldest, Naomi’s and Matthew’s  last term with us. We are preparing for what the Lord has for them next. We made some college trips this year so they can pray about which direction to go. We still have time, no rushing it!! Our three oldest will be going to Bill Rice Ranch, with our church before we leave for Ghana, they are excited!              


Looking Back: 
We have had a wonderful year on furlough. We regrouped and had a different kind of rest. Naomi and Matthew took Violin and Piano lessons this year. Had a wonderful teacher (Josh). They can play over 20 hymns. We are so excited to get to see their talents being used for God in Ghana. Along with My wife playing the flute, we should be able to have some recognizable hymns being played. Naomi and Matthew have gotten their temporary drivers license. Naomi will soon go to get her license. Matthew will have to wait until next furlough to get his license. He will miss the magic age of 16 by two months. Nehemiah has gotten glasses  and is doing great on his eyesight improving. We have finished another year of school. That is an  accomplishment, with all our travels, the kids did school on Saturday’s in order to get done. The Lord has been so good to us, blessed us in so many ways and in getting things accomplished. Everything we have is from Him and everything we do should be for Him. WE THANK YOU LORD!                  


Bits of Bread:
In Making Decisions and Live a life that Pleases The Lord Do Not Go Back nor Listen To Others that Tell You That The Lord Is Holding You Back. “And when Balaam saw that it pleased the Lord                                                                                                    to bless Israel, he went not as at other times…” Then Balak said, “…I thought to promote thee to honour; but, lo, the Lord hath kept thee back from honour.” – Numbers 24:1a,11b