Thursday, January 22, 2015

January Newsletter 2015

Looking Further Into 2015:
2014 has been a good year. Since September we have been able to report back to many of our churches. We ended the year with reporting to many of our churches in Ohio. “Go Bucks!” We were also able to spend time with our families for Christmas. This New Year we were at our home church enjoying food, fellowship and praying in the New Year. Looking forward to what the Lord is going to do this New Year, here as we finish out our furlough and as we get back to Ghana, we have some things that we would like to see and some things that we need to raise money for like: 1. A Beka Flash Cards for our perspective Church Plants. 2. Inverter/Diesel Generator for fans and to keep the kids homeschooling on a schedule. 3. Appliances. The appliances we have are worn out and have been revived several times. They have been running on a few less legs during this last term as we’ve repaired and improvised. Our Fridge don’t fridge anymore. That is not bad for 11 years of power outages and power surges. Our dryer has put a few grease spots on the clothes and it finally died this last term as well. During the rainy season the inside of our house looks a gallery of hanging clothes and a maze of clothes lines that lead to somewhere. Some of our visiting guests from the States have taken back home some stylish clothes that they can only get in Ghana. It is almost like what they call art today. Our oven is what we had in America 15 years ago. It is a gas stove with an electric porcelain igniters to start the oven. With the constant power surges and outages these igniters need a changing often but the parts are not in Ghana. They must be ordered and shipped. We need to get an oven that we manually can start without the porcelain igniter.

Report From Ghana:
Prince and the men from the church had their yearly planning meeting at the end of December to schedule for the New Year. Things seem to be going well with Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church. They are still working on the church property, nothing has preceded any further. Please pray that we would get it before we return to Africa in June.

On The Home Front:
Now we have 3 teenagers in the house. Joseph turned 13 on the 3rd of January. He had a few boys over from church for his birthday. Naomi and Matthew played a song together on the violin and the piano for the first time in one of our meetings. They also will attend driving school in February. Matthew is only 15 1⁄2, but is able to get his temporary license. We will leave for Ghana before he turns 16, but he can go through the course and be ready when we return the next time. Nehemiah has gotten eyeglasses. He is going to the eye specialist that Joseph goes to. They have patched his eye and we are putting drops into his good eye to make it blurry, he does not like that. He goes for another appointment in February. Many had the flu at the first of the year, but we are all recovered and in good health.

Up Coming Meetings:
In this month and February we will be traveling in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. I will be in some new churches. Please be in prayer with us that we will get new support from the new churches we’ve been to and are going to. Missions Is A Partnership!

Bits Of Bread: “Christians, Life Should Be All About The Lord” ~Psalms 100:1,2,3,4~ 
I. “Make...the Lord”v.1
II. “Serve...the Lord”v.2
III. “Know...the Lord”v.3
IV. “Enter into his gates...into his courts...”v.4 
“...we are his people and the sheep of his pasture...” –Psalms 100:3b~