Tuesday, September 9, 2014

July 2014 Newsletter

Our theme this year for VBS was “Putting On The Whole Armour of God” My wife and daughter made from poster board a coat of armour for the kids to try on. They also did the crafts for the week. Each day a lesson was taught on a piece of the armour. We had a great week. It rained a little bit on two of the days but the kids still came out. We had to move the kids from the tent to the porch and move the games under the tent, but all went well. We saw 125 kids the first day and ended with 189 by Friday, with 2 professions of salvation, Solomon & Rosemon. 

Responsibilities Meeting: 
Before we left Ghana we had a responsibility meeting for all workers in the church. Reminding them of their responsibilities and to continue the work of God in our absence. We are thankful for the Sunday school teachers, song leader, translators and ushers. Please pray for these young folks as they stay faithful in serving our Lord, the church as a whole, and the extended ministries of this local church: West Ridge School,  Weekly Bible Studies in Kojokrom & Anaji. Pray that they’ll stay vigilant and diligent, discerning and perceptive in not fall prey to the Devil! 

Reprieve Day: 
After the week of VBS we had a get together at our house. The girls came over early to prepare some chicken, rice and stew. We played volleyball, got out the big 6 ft. ball and had lunch. We finished the day with devotion and had a great time of fellowship with all those who helped with VBS.                                                                                         

Goodbye & Baptism: 
Elizabeth got baptized our last Sunday there in Ghana. Elizabeth has been coming to church with her sister since she started walking. It was good to see her trust Christ and follow in baptism. Elizabeth is 11 years old. After the baptism we all walked back to the church. Naomi and Matthew put together a slide show of pictures from the past 3 years. After that we said our goodbyes with tears we headed home.                            
Elizabeth got baptized

Prince rode with us to Accra taking us to the airport. Ghana was playing America for the run up to the World Cup that evening. All through the airport we were giving them a hard time saying that USA will win against Ghana. USA lost to Ghana the last two times we played them for the World Cup. We said goodbye to Prince and Naomi was crying, the ladies were shocked that she was crying, will she be back, why is she crying? We said because he is our Pastor and we love him. Ghanaians don’t show a lot of emotion they maybe sad, but you don’t see them cry often. As we were waiting for our plane, the run up game began. In the first 29 seconds of the game, USA scored the first goal. Wow! Then we realized we have to get on the plane with all of them. Ha! No, it was a good flight and USA did win the victory that night. Please pray for us as we shift gears preparing to go to many of our supporting churches and hopefully, new supporting churches reporting, presenting, updating, teaching, preaching, and traveling on what God has done for us in Ghana.                                                                                                                                          

Bits Of Bread: Please pray for our church in Ghana – CORNERSTONE BIBLICAL BAPTIST CHURCH “But let us, who are of the day, be sober putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation.”                                                                                          - I Thessalonians 5:8                                                                       
“HIM DECLARE I UNTO YOU,”                                                        

Matthew J. Siekbert