Thursday, May 22, 2014

May Newsletter 2014

Conference On Missions: 
Each day of our conference we looked at a need to strengthen our- selves in. Sunday was Going By Faith, “HAVE FAITH IN GOD’S PROMISES”, which was also our theme for the week; Monday was Opening Their Eyes, getting others to see their need of the Savior; Tuesday was Get Your Joshua, personally discipleship of others; and Wednesday was Getting Them The Word Of Jesus, the gospel. Just as Salvation is by Faith, as Christians, our Service to Christ must
be by Faith. 

Michael, a former West Ridge student, & Jefferson his brother was led to the Lord by Prince. Gifty, at her plumbing store in Anaji along with Foster, her friend, I got to lead to the Lord. 

Michael (right)


Birth/Death: Evelyn, a church member had a baby girl in March. Koasi, one of our Pastors, lost his grandma and they had her funeral. In Ghana funerals are a big event having lots of people, lots of booze, lots of music from Friday to Sunday. The funeral had its witnessing opportunities. 

Evelyn & Jackie & Baby Girl

Pastor Koasi's Grandma's funeral

Message Bearers: 
For March we had Philip bring a message from God’s Word. It was his first time. He is just over six months old in the Lord. It was the Apostle Paul that got saved in Acts 9:6. In a few days and a few verses later in Acts 9:20 he started preaching. Philip is of a humble and meek spirit. He is growing in Biblical knowledge of the Truth. In September just after his salvation he started in our evening classes at church along with becoming a baptized member. At work he often witnesses and tells of salvation, how it is secured forever, and how it is not obtained by works nor kept by works. Ghanaians are very religious with song, church going, and dress at their certain times of “WORSHIP”. They say that they are Believers, Born Again, Trust in Jesus Christ and all of the right surface words, right surface answers, and right surface kindness but after questioning them and seeing their consistent unfaithfulness you hear and see that their true trust is in their dead works.
Joseph our son was our message bearer for April.



Anniversary & Easter Activities: 
Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church celebrated 7 years of ministry on April 13th. We had a nice morning service and then a song service in the evening. Easter Sunday we had good services. Easter Monday is a big day here in Ghana. Our church got together with another Independent Baptist Church in the area, to play a game of football (soccer) and we lost 2 to 1. April 24th we showed a film in Kojokrom as an outreach for our Bible study there, we had a good turnout. Many from the church
showed to help and stand behind the ministry their in Kojokrom.

Practicing a week before


Bible Classes: 
Our 2nd full year of Bible classes at the church all finished up on Thursday. I finished my last exam on Monday. Koasi finished on Tuesday and Prince finished his final yesterday. Our kids finished school on May 2nd. They are glad to have a break. I have some special Bible classes with them in the mornings and that will finish Monday. Jackie is putting them to work cleaning the house and packing. They say, “They wish they still had school”. 

Sweet 16: Our daughter Naomi turned 16 on May 4th. She had some girls over for her birthday. It was a little chaotic having 7 girls in and out of the house. It was a fun time for her. They spent the night on Saturday and went to church with us on Sunday. 

Naomi 16

Esther, Cornelia, Celestina, Little Esther, Naomi, Cecelia, Emanuella

Please be in prayer for our travels and bookings. Don’t forget we will be leaving here for furlough June 16th 2014. Please send any mail to our home church; the address is on the left side of our newsletter along with our email address for contact. We hope to see many of you this furlough!!! I am booking meetings to come and report on what the Lord has done. “HIM DECLARE I UNTO YOU,” 

Bits Of Bread: 
Just as Salvation is by Faith, as Christians our Service to Christ must be by Faith. “Accounting that God was able...”- Hebrews 11:19a