Thursday, January 9, 2014

January 2014 Newsletter

Salvations & Baptisms: 
Emmanuella from our Bible Study in Kojokrom got Saved in December. Albert, Prince’s older brother in Accra the capital, I got to Lead to the Lord in October!!! Peterson & Philip are two men in their mid-twenties that where baptized in November. Peterson has been coming for years but just confirmed his personal trust in Jesus as his Savior during our baptismal classes this past Fall. Philip was Saved at the end of August. Steven who got Saved the Sunday after our Revival in October is our first one to be Baptized this coming Sunday of the New Year.                                                                                            
Pastor Siekbert, Peterson, Pastor Prince, Phillip and Pastor Koasi (Baptism)

Prince leading Emmanuella to the Lord

In December we have our yearly planning meeting where we Review the year; Tally up & Give Report on the church finances; & then Renew our Plans for the Coming New Year. As we Reviewed things I looked at 5 individuals that have gotten saved in 2013: Peter, Robert, William, Philip, & Steven. Each One has been baptized (Steven by this Sunday). Each One is growing in the Lord. Peter & Robert of 15 & 14 come to our Bible Studies in Kojokrom. They have also been active in church helping to set up & raise the Sunday school tent & ushering. A testimony was given last night from a church member concerning Robert’s change. This church member was speaking with Robert’s unsaved Father he spoke of his son’s Changed Conduct since coming to our church. With William of about 21 I have Saturday Morning Bible Studies. He is faithfully at Sunday Morning services. Philip of 24 he has been in our schooling for the church on every Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday nights, along with faithfully coming to all church services, then the last to be Baptized this Sunday, Steven of 13. He is also involved with helping set up the Sunday school tent. Each One of these 5 who have gotten Saved, Baptized & Involved in the activities doing their part at the church invite others to the church & have an effective testimony for Christ. Looking into our Financial Report of the year in our Tithe we went about $240.00 over the previous year; In our FPM Giving which we started teaching on 3 years ago this coming March the first year they gave $43.85; this second year to date is $151.54 by March our complete year for FPM Giving we estimate that they will have given $195.12. This might seem like pennies to many, but taking the Average of the previous year, taking in consideration our congregation and taking in consideration that this is Africa where many people are not taught to give or “Expected” to give to missions.The Widow and her 2 mites have done well. This is Exciting news for Cornerstone!!! Biblical Principles Of Missions Work Even In Africa!!! Looking to our Renewal for the New Year, Pray for us in God’s doings. As regular: Church Services; Soul winning & Visitations; Nightly Bible School for the Church with my teaching Monday on “The Church”, Tuesday Koasi teaching on “Little Know Bible Characters, & Thursday Prince teaching on things that are “Sure & Stedfast”; Weekly Bible Studies in Kojokrom & in West Anaji; Saturday Prep Classes with the Men every 2 weeks; & then adding Monthly John & Romans Distributions in Sekondi & Kojokrom; Men’s Special Sunday Morning Prayer Fellowship once month!                                                                                                
December’s Activities & More: 
Christmas week we had a week full of activities. Monday we went Christmas caroling and passed out “Blessing Baskets” to some families. We gave a basket to Robert’s family, then loaded up the van and went to Peter’s house, then Steven’s, Kojokrom Bible Study Family and then to William’s family. We had a great time. Our church has been giving to these baskets since October. Wednesday evening we had a Christmas service. Friday we loaded up the van and headed to Ankobra Beach. We played volleyball, soccer, some played in the water and then we had lunch and a devotion. It was a great Christmas week with our church family.  We held a New Years Eve service at 10:00 PM and prayed in the New Year!! After service we lit off some fireworks, with Shadrick firing one into a window of a house, the room lit up, and someone peaked out, but no one was hurt.

Blessing Basket to Robert's Family

Christmas Caroling

Devotional at Ankobra Beach (Prince)

Celestina and Esther

Lunch Time

 Our Message Bearers of God’s Word for November & December were Peter on “Hope and Joseph on “Sharing Your Testimony”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Peter Preaching

Joseph Preaching

BITS OF BREAD:  THOSE WHO HAVE SENT CARDS, GIFT BOXES. OFFERINGS THANK YOU!!!!!                                                                                                                                              
 ~ New Starts Are Often A Result Of The Resolved & Faithful
Like Noah, Joshua, the Second Adam, Jesus!                                                          
…thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things:…”  - Matthew 25:21b