Thursday, November 14, 2013

2013 November Newsletter

Kojokrom Bible Study: 
We have had some promises and disappointments of those from our Bible Study in Kojokrom of those who say that they will come to church on Sunday, of those who will say they will come for the Revival week, that is now past, and even promises still of those to come. Please be in prayer for them as they need the Lord and that they will come to church. As I was teaching a course in one of the Bible Classes two of the rebuking quotes that Christians might often say or think quietly in our efforts of Reaping & Sowing are: “Lord give me patience and give it to me now.”… “If we don’t see instant results we believe there will be no results!”... 

Kojokrom Bible Study

Message Bearers: 
For the last Wednesday’s of September and October we have had Benjamin Tackie and Matthew, my son bring us a message from God’s Word. These are two young men featured from our Men’s Bible Study Classes on Saturdays. It is encouraging to see that someone is letting the Lord do some work in their lives. I thank the Lord for these young men in What God Is Doing, especially, as a Dad for his son! Philip, the man that I mentioned in my last newsletter who got saved at the end of August is planning to start coming to our Men’s Class. With in the last two months Philip has grown in the Lord. He has invited and brought his mother who needs to be Saved to our Revival. Just a few weeks ago after work he, as a French school teacher, came to church for our Wednesday night prayer meeting as usual and said Pastor the school that I work for surprised me when on the spur of the moment for Wednesday morning worship they asked me to give the devotions. So he thought on what he should do and thought, then he said, to himself, I will give them the message I heard in how I came to know that I needed Jesus as my personal Savior beings I was a good Catholic who thought that I was just fine doing my penance and good works.  I thank the Lord for this wonderful testimony Of What God Has Done! Ghana has a zeal for God in some forms but not according to knowledge. 


The Revival week we had in October went well. People were invited. There were about 34 first time visitors. We had God stirring hearts and people visiting the altar. Robert, a teen that got saved this year invited a neighbor friend of his named Steven. He did not get Saved during the Revival but he came back on Sunday and then got saved after the class Naomi, my daughter, was teaching. Your kid’s doing the work of God sure can make a parent feel good! I thank the Lord For What He Is Doing Through The Youth In Our Church! The Theme Verse and Challenge for the week was: Jeremiah 7:28 “But thou shalt say unto them, This is a nation that obeyeth not the voice of the Lord, their God, nor receiveth correction: truth is perished, and is cut off from their mouth.” Challenge -“The Truth Is Perished, What Will You Do With The Truth?” The messages were all based out of Jeremiah. 


Prince and Steven

Land Updates, Prayer Requests, & Miscellaneous News: 
The church property still has some paper issues that need to be resolved. Please continue with us in prayers concerning that. We had Pastor Dodson as a special speaker from Center Texas; An activity day that another missionary put on involving 4 different churches. 

Prince and Pastor Dodson

 We are thankful for you all in your continual prayers and support of our family in God’s vineyard!!! We miss you all & We hope your Thanksgiving and Christmas season will be very special!!!                                                              

Updated Matthew Siekbert family photo

Bits Of Bread: 
“…I will not remove mine integrity from me. My righteousness I hold fast, and I will not let it go:…” –Job 27:5b-6a “To Resolve that our hearts shall not reproach us, while we hold fast our integrity, baffles the designs of the evil spirit.” -By Matthew Henry