Sunday, September 15, 2013

2013 September Newsletter

The Lord’s Working: 
The Bible says that “...your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” - I Cor. 15:58 Since last
year we have been working in Kojokrom having multiple Bible studies at times during the morning, afternoon, & evenings on Tuesdays. Struggling with knowing just what God would have 2 months ago I started with some discipleship classes early on Tuesday evenings with my boys: Matthew, Joseph and 2 other young men, Peter & Robert who got saved at the beginning of this year. Knowing those classes were a right thing, I did not know that they would lead us to starting another Bible Study in Kojokrom. As of now I’m having Bible Studies in Kojokrom on Tuesdays with the boy’s discipleship class, my mechanic’s kids, his wife and my daughter, Naomi. His oldest daughter, Emmanuella is Naomi’s age, his only son, Ebenezer is Matthew’s age and his 2 younger daughters, Nicolena and Winafred are Joseph and Nehemiah’s age. Sunday morning for church Koty’s kids, my car mechanic’s kids, came. Last night for Bible Study Koty showed up for the first time. Amen!!! I know God is at Work but to see how it is all going to unfold I do not know!
As the Apostle Paul said in Romans 15 his desire was to see Israel saved. My desire is that those here would be saved. Ghana is, as Israel was, very religious. It is hard to truly get them to admit that they are lost in their own righteousness. They will even agree with you out of kindness but in their hearts they think that they are alright. Many folks here have a charismatic worshipping zeal but not according to true Bible knowledge. Through self-deception most think that they are Christians. Pray for us, Koty, and his family! 

Kojokrom Bible Study
Saturday Men’s Class: 
On the last Wednesday of every month we have one of the young men that is in my Saturday classes to give us a message that he has prepared. So far two out of the six men have, Joseph and Kendall. We go over various things such as: 10 Ways that would help in preparing a message; the ‘That’ phrases found in Titus; having a ‘Word Study’ and a ‘How & Why’ work sheets; and then going over R.A. Torrey’s Bible Study Methods. 

Saturday Class
Joseph Preaching

Kendall Preaching

School Bells Ringing Again: 
In August our Kid’s Schooling started back up. Naomi is in 9th grade this year, Matthew is in 8th, Joseph is in 5th and Nehemiah in 2nd. As our kids are getting older their schedules are getting tighter and the days seem to be shorter. Schooling at the church has started back up also. This is the second year of teaching Bible classes there at church. Monday nights, I teach “Knowing God: Life’s Major Pursuit”; Tuesday nights Pastor Koasi teaches “Foundational Bible Doctrines”; and on Thursdays Pastor Prince teaches on the “7 Laws of Reaping & Sowing” and then the “8 Baptist Distinctives”. Joseph, Philip, Folly, Albert, and Shadrick are new students this year. With God giving the increase of zeal and knowledge these classes are a step to hopefully, starting up again a Bible Institute to turn out preachers and teachers. We don’t know what all that the Lord has in store but we are preparing! 

Kids school
Bible classes at the church
Miscellaneous News:
After a month of coming to church and going visiting with us, Wednesday August 28th, Philip, Joseph’s brother paired up with me. I knew then that that was the day the Lord wanted me to speak to him about Salvation. We at the church have been praying for Philip’s Salvation. After explaining the Righteousness of God at the last visit we had made we headed back to church. On the way we stepped to the side under a streetlight to see some Scriptures. I asked him if he knew if he would go to heaven? At first he started telling me about being a catholic in Benin where he came from. Then I asked him if he had ever put his faith & trust in Christ Jesus as his personal Savior ALONE? Then as he thought for a second he realized, AMEN, that he needed to put his trust in Jesus Christ ONLY, plus nothing minus nothing, he could not put his trust in his own works of righteousness as a good catholic. GOD IS GOOD! Update on the church Land. The courts have told the tenants to be moved out by the end of September. Some of the people have moved but all must move and paper work still needs to be done. Among other things some of the churches came together to compete over the book of Titus. Our church won that competition being represented by our daughter, Naomi and a national from our church, Joseph, GREAT JOB! Please be in prayer for Cornerstone on October 20th -23rd we will be having Revival.

Phillip giving his salvation testimony in church
Joseph and Naomi representing CBBC for the "Titus" quiz
Bits Of Bread: 
A Person Is Better Suited for God’s Work & Providence Going Forth With The Word Of God, When He Is Taught God’s Word. “For wisdom is a defence, and money is a defence: but the excellence of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it.” - Ecclesiastes 7:12....