Monday, July 15, 2013

2013 July Newsletter

Twice A Month: 
In June I’ve started with 6 young men from our church twice a month going over how to Study God’s Word and Outlining some passages and Bible Stories. Please pray for these classes. They are on Saturday’s at 3pm after my Bible Study with William in the morning. My hope is that these classes will be classes that help mentor but also classes that will help them in the future of teaching Sunday School, Jr. Church and possibly some pastors. Churches, as homes, need men to lead them.

Passion & Parents: 
This June 22nd - July 5th my Dad, going on 75 years of age, and Mom along with my sister, my niece and her husband came to visit, help and see the Lord’s Work here. My Parents got to go with me in winning 3 ladies to the Lord then later on to win to the Lord a young Mom, Antoinette, with her new baby. We got to go to the Rope Bridges, Slave Castle, and a Canoe Ride that took us to a village of about 12 people on the river where we drank and ate some coconuts. They also helped teach at West Ridge School on Wednesday teaching the story of Moses with a live figure, Ezra, Joey and Abi’s baby. On Friday they helped with doing drawings and paintings of 5 different poster cutouts illustrating the Bible story of the day along with a cardboard cutout of a VBS vest warn everyday by the one who was the best in listening to the message. Then ate some Ghanaian food on Saturday at our Bible Study with William and his family. My Dad, Mom, and Sister judged a posters contest on Sunday of poster drawings done by the church kids on Saturday having to do with our VBS Theme. Joey, Abi’s husband helped me update my computer and other technical needs along with photo shooting our activities and ministry. He has been a true blessing to me. As a testimony to God’s Working, Eight years ago my Mother came to Ghana as we just started our work in Sekondi, Church Planting. They saw me preaching and the start of a work in a schoolroom and in a family house. This time when they came they saw the Work of God in lives the Lord has touched through salvation's and growth spiritually in lives with in the eight years. Two young men trained up and now Pastors, their grand kids now teaching SS & Jr church, Bible Studies of new converts, Baptisms, young men of the church teaching VBS, and young ladies leading groups of VBS kids to there classes and teaching in some of those classes, people getting an understanding and getting saved such as: Antoinette, Agnes, Helena, & Theresa. God Is Good & We Are Blessed!!! 

In the ocean they go! William, Robert, and Nicholas were baptized obeying the Lord’s command, identifying, and testifying of the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our visiting group liked our baptistery, the ocean!

Monday we started with 89 by Friday there was 181. Some of them are good contacts and many of them have return for Sunday school and Jr Church. The Theme was: “All For Him”. The Topics Monday - Friday were on “The Person and his Profession; ...and his Possessions; ...and his Place; ...and his Purpose; & ...and his Pursuit”.

Land Update: 
Please be in prayer for the church land we hope to get into by August. The owner of the land has given the tenants a court eviction notice for July. In a third world country the depravity of Law and Justice often has been diminished.

Bits Of Bread: ~Precious Things That Should Be Remembered & Not Forgotten In I & II Peter ~: 
I. The Trial Of Your Faith – Proves You 1:7;
II. The Blood Of Jesus Christ – Redeemed You 1:18,19;
III. The Person Of Jesus Christ – The One You Can Build On 2:4-7;

IV. The Faith Of One In Christ Jesus – The Only Way To Be Righteous Before God II Pt. 1:1; V. The Promises Of God – Our Sure Dependency On His Complete Performance II Pt. 1:4

                                “Unto you therefore which believe he is precious:...” - I Pt 2:7 

Going Forth With The Word Of God,

Matthew J. Siekbert