Thursday, May 9, 2013

2013 May Newsletter

Conference On Missions: 

Mission Conferences have always been a highlight to me. This was   the second year for our Conference On Missions here at Cornerstone. More people are being burdened. More are seeing Missions as the WORK of the church and Not The Sideline of the church. More is  being accomplished for the Lord! Our Theme this year was For The Furtherance Of The Gospel. The topics that I taught and preached on were: The Missionary Himself; Giving Your Self; Taking Your Bible and Teaching It; and then Living Your Faith. My wife told about a certain missionary in Christian history each night and Naomi sang a special each night. We had people raise their hands, give their lives to what the Lord wants for them, and there were others who were struggling with God and Holy Ghost conviction. Faith Promise Missions Giving was also at a higher level of commitments this year. Our yearly amount will not be big but neither is our church. Teaching takes time, but little is much when God is in it! The important thing is what they are learning and what they are taking on as their passion here in their much needed Ghana and eventually, I hope to believe, a passion beyond their boarders. That passion comes from learning to lean on and love God and His passion. Missions is the God Ordained Church’s Commission and Responsibility, not an organization’s. For this year’s Mission project we are going to give to Bearing Precious Seed, Milford, Ohio, a Bible Printing  Ministry, that helps in supplying missionaries with the life changing Word of God.                                                                                                             

Property For The Church: 

God Does Great Things! So others may know that there is a God in Heaven. The funds for the purchasing of the Church Property of $40,000.00 have come in at a total of $42,230.00. I believe that your giving to this mission project has spoken to Cornerstone in their   growing and giving to missions. THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS and THANKS TO EVERY CHURCH THAT COULD HELP IN THIS DISPLAY OF LOVE FOR THE BRETHREN!!! It has been a great blessing and teaching of what God can do through missions giving! If you would like to help we still have needs such as: lawyer fees, permit fees, surveyor fees, finishing the wall around the property, building a building, and I’m sure something else. The paper work for the church property is to be put in our name by the end of May. Pray that all goes well and that we can get moved to the new church property soon. A few people need to move out and some more paper work must still be done yet.                                                                                                             

Anniversary Sunday:

Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church had their 6th Church Anniversary April 14th. It was a good time with teaching, preaching, and a baptism. Afterwards we had food and good church family fellowship. Peter getting baptized was Bro. Koasi’s first performed baptismal service. Getting to see what the Lord’s working from salvations to service in the Ministry is exciting! Since our last Newsletter we have also seen many get saved. One man’s name is William. I am having some Bible Studies with him every Saturday at his house. He is 20 and working as an apprentice at a mechanics shop during the week. He lives in Anaji close to us. He has been coming to church with us. His mother and his sister came to church with us one Sunday and on another Sunday William brought a friend of his. Please be in prayer of what God will do in growing William and this Bible Study.         

Going Forth With The Word Of God,                                                                                                 “…as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.”- Jn 20:21                                    

Matthew J. Siekbert                                                                                                                             .. . . . .“Only One Life, ‘Twill Soon Be Past, Only What’s Done For Christ Will Last”. – C.T Studd . . . . .