Saturday, March 2, 2013

2013 March Newsletter

Church Property: 
We are and have been in some talks and negotiations since the New Year about Church Land. I believe that our church here could be greatly helped in being an Indigenous work by having their own Church Property. We are negotiating on some land for the purchasing price of about $40,000. Our church here is a young church with many young people. It has the potential of making an obvious impact in Sekondi, Ghana, which has over 122,000 people. Cornerstone has $10,000 raised and we need another $30,000. If only 12 churches gave $2,500 within 12 months this would be paid for or if 30 churches could commit to raising $1,000 our goal would be met. That would only take a church that commits a $1,000 to this property project, approximately $83.34 a month for 12 months. Please consider what God would have you to do! If possible we would like to secure this property that we have been in talks with. I know God is not limited!!! For a reminder on our progress we will have on our newsletters and our blog spot a thermometer indicating were we are in our goal of reaching $40,000! Let’s let others know that there is a God in Heaven!!!                                                                                            

Conference on Missions: 
Please be in prayer for us during our Conference on Missions March 17-20. We will be anticipating what God wants to do and will do through the yielded heart.                                 

We at the church have changed the times of our visitations to a late afternoon on Saturdays and right before church service on Wednesday evening to see if that would be more productive. So far it seems to be more effective. More people that we have invited have come and also more opportunities to speak with those who forgot about church, those settling down from a days work and school kids coming home. There have been some professions at least every week, but the one I would like to tell you of is Peter, the one that I mentioned in January, our last Newsletter. Peter is 14. He, like most all of Ghanaians, was religious in worship of God also like the Ethiopian in Acts 8 who went to worship as all good religious people did in Jerusalem, but still lost as could be! One day in January I sat down with him before church started and spoke to him on how he would go to heaven. He said that he would go to heaven because he worshipped God. Then I showed him that not all Worshippers are saved, not all who Read God’s Word are Saved, and that not all of those who get Baptized are Saved. It was at that time that he realized that to be saved was nothing of what he did. Then I showed him in God’s Word that he must Trust-in and Accept Jesus Christ, the Righteous, alone to be Saved from Sins Wages and to be Assured of Heaven. So he did. Now he is in our baptism class. This week also he came with us on visitation translated and gave his personal salvation testimony to a girl named Jackie who I got to lead to the Lord. Pray for him he wants to be a preacher! 

Past Emphasis: 
I have found several people who profess to be Christians and from Baptist churches even a man from our own church here in Sekondi, that tell me that they are interested in having a Bible Study here at Polytechnic, a technical school, to see others come to Christ, but I’m not sure if they might just be ashamed of their God. We are teaching in our separation classes on Monday about standing up for your faith in Christ. At times I think many people think that it is better to be a secret disciple!                                                                                                                                                       

Bits of Bread: 
And many of the Samaritans of that city believed on him for the saying of the woman, which testified,
He told me all that I ever did”- John 4:39
To Have The Testimony That The Samaritan Woman Had, You Must:
I. Have Taken Of The Right Well v.10
II. Have The Right Worship v.23-24
III. Have The Right Meat v.34               

Going Forth With The Word Of God,

Matthew J. Siekbert                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               



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