Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 January Newsletter

Special Gifts: 
Our son, Nehemiah received Jesus Christ as his Saviour on December 4th. Nehemiah was anticipating his getting saved. He was telling Matthew and Joseph that he was going to get saved today. Jackie was also telling me before hand that he wanted to get saved, waiting and a little nervous for my coming to speak with him about getting saved. It is exciting to lead someone to Christ, especially your own! It is a special thing to get to lead your child to the Lord! The Lord has worked it out for me to be the one who has led each one of our kids to Christ! Clean clothes are nice to wear! Last summer we were helping some missionaries in Kumasi with 3 Bible Studies that they had started. They had to return back to the States before Ghana could finalize some paper work for them. While we were there they let us borrow their washier machine, which was very nice, but the electricity in Ghana is not stable. So our last few days helping with the Bible Studies in Kumasi the electrical board on their washier went out! The washier that we borrowed then became history! Sometimes you wonder why God allows things like that to happen when you’re just trying to help! The answer is: the rain falls on the just and the unjust, live by faith, and it is for God’s Glory! The answer is true but not always the one that you want to hear at the time of the trouble. It meant feeling terrible about breaking their machine and although it was something that they took in stride, it was 5 months of wringing out clothes for them. Through circumstances in December I found a washing machine that looked just like the one that they had so I was able to get it for them. They are glad to say the least! After getting the washier for them the Lord met our need! Through the Christmas season the engine in our car needed to be replaced. So we bought a home used engine for the car. As most years some of our supporting churches gave us some extra Christmas money, which we are very grateful for, but right after Christmas this year we were given a quite bit larger amount as a Special Love Gift which through this gift and the other gifts given paid for the expense of our engine and more! THAT’S HOW GOD WORKS! By the way no one knew of our need that came about, but the Lord and some people over here in Ghana!!! THANKS TO THE LORD AND THOSE WHO ARE SENSITIVE CHANNELS THAT ALLOW GOD TO WORK THROUGH THEM!              

Starting Up Again:
1st Week of the New Year – Our kids, Naomi and Matthew taught the younger kids in Sunday School and Junior Church with this being Matthew’s first time. Home Schooling started back up with me teaching the last part of the New Testament till the finishing of the school year, then having taught the Old and New Testament Surveys. Bible Studies in Kojokrom have started; 2nd Week of the New Year – Church Bible Classes will be starting. I will teach Monday on “Biblical Separation”, Koasi will teach Tuesday on the “Christian Walk”, and Prince will teach Thursday on “Christian Behavior”.                                                                         

Our Continuing In, Looking To, & Praying For: 
Please be in continued prayer as Myself, Prince, Koasi, My Family, and Cornerstone are Continuing with Bible Studies in Sekondi and Kojokrom on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays; Continuing our search of affordable and available Church Land. We are still in some talks with the lawyer who has property by the church. This Sunday after church we were shown other properties that start at $20,000 per plot with a lot of needed fill dirt and no building. That is at least $10,000 much more than we have. Looking into perhaps starting some Bible Studies at Polytechnic. It is a Technical School for those who are completed with High School in our area of 2 locations: Takoradi and BU; Pray for Bible Study Contacts & Church Plant, My kids Schooling & Church Involvement, Cornerstone’s New Year of Salvations, Baptisms, Spiritual Growth, & Activities. Joseph, Koasi’s convert, job hunt & staying; Peter’s Biblical salvation, an exceptional youngster in Sun. Sch. and Jr. Church. We long to see what God will do through Cornerstone, the Bible Studies, and other possibilities of Church Plants! I don’t know all of how God works, but I do know WE MUST BE BUSY ABOUT OUR FATHER’S BUSINESS and that HE GIVES THE INCREASE!!!                                                                        

Bits Of Bread:                                                                 
You Learn of One by Submitting to One! Let that One be Christ! “Come unto me,…Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me;…”                                                                      - Matthew 11:28a,29a                                        

Going Forth With The Word Of God, 

Matthew J. Siekbert