Friday, November 16, 2012

November Newsletter 2012

BIBLE STUDIES: Toiling is the word to use! Since August Prince, Koasi, and myself have been working on Bible Studies in various locations and Bible Classes at Church as mentioned in our last newsletter. As a privileged father I get to take with me, my daughter Naomi and Bro Koasi on Tuesday mornings to Kojokrom for a Bible Studies. Mainly we meet with a lady named Naomi with one or two of her friends and another lady named Fostina with possibly her friend Rebecca in another Bible Study. Tuesday night as a privileged father I switch kids for their schooling and involvement sake to go with my son Matthew and Bro Prince. We plan on getting to Kojokrom by 5pm to do Bible Studies with those that work during the day such as Isaac, a man who just got saved about a month ago. After Bible Study with Isaac we have another Bible Study with a Mother and her 4 teen girls. Teresa, Christalite, Reta, Debra, and Abigail which are Pentecostals. The girls know a lot of words from the Bible but not the correct teachings of the Bible. People mostly just listen to what they are told and believe that as true. IGNORANCE OF BIBLICAL TRUTH and TRUE BIBLICAL GUIDANCE IS A BIG PROBLEM in Africa, at Home in America, and in all of the World. WHERE ARE THE TEACHERS OF THE TRUTH!!! Christian, Do You Hear The Command Ringing from Matthew 28:20!!!; Will You Be The Philip that is in Acts 8!!!???. Some of the challenges we face are rain, their travels, sickness and their excuses that every human has. Other challenges are parents strong influence on their teens go-ings, ONLY when it has to do with what is Biblically correct other wise they don’t care even if it haves to do with the Devil! 

BIBLE CLASSES: Toiling is the word to use again! All three of us have a two-hour weeknight class to teach. The Bible classes are based on the idea of growing up a Bible smart church. Ignorance brings err and takes you the wrong direction. Teaching the Bible, Preaching the Bible, and Living the Bible Reproves or you could say sheds light on what is right and what is wrong. Therefore it is not popular among the religious because it is not as comfortable or convenient to live your own defined righteousness! 

REVIVAL CONFERENCE & CAMPAIGN: Rewarding is the word to use this time!!! This year we wanted to do our October Revival Conference different than usual. So we added a campaign in it. It went very well! Sunday’s visitors were 18; Monday’s visitors were 9; Tuesday’s visitors were 22; and Wednesday’s visitors were 19 for a total of 68 first time visitors during the week. This is exciting because most of them that visited were adults from our Bible Studies and others were from excited church members that are not ashamed of their church. The winner’s were awarded with their prizes: 1st place was Koasi with 16 visitors plus 9 returning visitors, 2nd place was Esther A. with 16 visitors plus 8 returning visitors, and 3rd place was Esther N. with 12 visitors plus 7 returning visitors. The topic of the revival conference was ‘Revival’. The Theme of our Conference was: IT ALL STARTS WITH THE WORD OF GOD. Our Theme Verse was: “...that the Word of the Lord may have free course, and be Glorified,...”-II Thess. 3:1. The messages were: Sunday Morning on ‘Revival of Right Traditions’ –Doctrine and Teachings of God –Gal. 1:1-14; Sunday Evening on ‘Revival of Return’ –To What God Said and What You Need To Do –Ezra 10:1-14; Monday Evening on ‘Revival of Return to Real Separation’ –Of The Wrong People –Eph. 5:6-13; Tuesday Evening on ‘Revival of Recall’ –Of God’s Command and Your Covenant With Him -Neh. 13:1-9-31; and Wednesday Evening on ‘Revival of Renewal’ –Looking At The Advancing and Affects of the Word of God on People and the Local New Testament Church Throughout the book of Acts –Acts 2:37- 47. During the revival hearts were challenged and changed. Since the revival about 2 weeks ago about 12 people have come to know Jesus Christ through our Bible Studies, Visitations, and West Ridge School. 

BITS OF BREAD: Sowing in the morning, Sowing in the noontide and Sowing in the dewy eve; waiting for the harvest and the time of reaping, We shall come rejoicing bringing in the sheaves! “Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you:”     - II Thess. 3:1                                                                                                                                                 
                                                         Going Forth With The Word Of God,
                                                                       Matthew J. Siekbert