Sunday, September 9, 2012

September Newsletter 2012

Eight Weeks In Kumasi: 

Kumasi is about 6 plus hours from Takoradi. It is in the Ashanti Region. It is the second largest city in Ghana. They speak in the Twi (pronounced Tree) Dialect there. I would say that Twi is the biggest dialect in some form here in Ghana. Kumasi is about 1Hr and 45 Min south of were we started 8 years ago in Techiman. They decision to go to Kumasi was one of several. The main reason was to go help a missionary family who had just come back from furlough to go back to the States until Ghana approved them under some new paper work, which was finally approved. They have some 3 Bible Studies and one of them they have been working on for at least 5 years. To start a work is not so easy to do. So to leave a work is not so comforting at times. Within the 3 Bible Studies there were 4 young men of college age that were faithful and I believe God can get a hold of and use: Fred, Isaac, Joe, and Nat. Please pray for the Baptist Bible Studies there in Kumasi as God is at work. The first two weeks Bro Koasi and I went up there. Koasi got to preach the 2 Sunday night services and do the question asking of all that they have learned from each service. Then we went back to Takoradi so he could be with Bro Prince pastoring at Cornerstone and also to watch the house while I took my family back up to Kumasi. We spent another 6 weeks up there. During our stay there I got to go through with them some Studies: Sunday School and Sunday Evenings First, in the book of Proverbs, one chapter each Sunday; Secondly, on Wednesdays I got to teach verse by verse in Romans 2; Thirdly, on Thursday’s I got to go through Ephesians 1 to 2:10. Every Service we had questions and Bible drills with them on all they have learned. Then Sunday Morning preaching service was on certain fitting messages. Sunday mornings also my wife and kids were working in the Jr Church there with a lady, named Vera. She just started to serve the Lord before the missionaries there had to leave for paper work to be done. With Fred, Isaac, and Joe I asked them to read and write down every day what God has spoke to them about in their daily devotions. While there through some extra time of a salvation Bible study Isaac taught on we got to see Vera’s son, Lawrence get saved. Joe invited several friends. Isaac, Nat and I visited on Wednesdays working on a Teen named Alex for his salvation. Visiting Saturdays with Fred, Nat and Vera at times with the whole family, the girls were working on a Teen named Christiana and the guys were working on some who would hit and miss church leading a gentleman to the Lord the last two weeks we were there. Some new and fresh ideas were retrieved. Prayers were answered and Praise was given. 

Trying Some New Things: While in Kumasi back at CBBC, Prince started some Bible Studies with some young Teens in Kojokrom. Koasi has started discipleship class with 7 people. When we returned from Kumasi I started with some adults in Bible Study wanting to focus on some young married families in Kojokrom. We would like to see God do a work through us in Kojokrom. It is a growing community on the Accra road about 5 minutes away from Cornerstone in Sekondi. It could have the potential of a new church plant. Three different Bible courses are being taught at Cornerstone with 6 church members in attendance from 6-8 pm. Monday Bible Basic taught by me; Tuesday Emotion Concepts taught by Bro Koasi; and Thursday Character Concepts taught by Bro Prince. We want to Strengthen, Build up, and help increase the church in the Knowledge of God, in the Conduct of God, and in Knowing the Will of God. Col. 1:9,10. Please be in prayer for church land we are still working to have. Thanks to the church that took us on for support and the VBS that took up an
offering for us. 

Prayer Request: 
Our New Endeavors; Our Kids Schooling; My Dad’s Having Heart Problems; Vital U.S Presidential
Election; Christ’s Return!

“But made Himself of no reputation, and took upon Him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men.” – Philippians 2:7