Thursday, July 5, 2012

July Newsletter 2012

Ministry Highlight: There are a few really special days in a person’s life. One is the humble honor, and delightful privilege of being Ordained into the Ministry of the Lord. During the weekend of May19th – 20th Prince and Koasi went first through the Ordination Counsel of 6 men who found them to be Doctrinally Sound and Biblically Qualified. Then Sunday the 20th we held their Ordination Service. We had three services. My brother and Pastor of Chippewa Lake Baptist Church taught and preached the 1st two services. The second service before he preached the kids from our church here in Ghana sang a few songs and quoted Scripture verses. The third service was packed. Prince and Koasi gave their salvation testimony and how God worked in their lives in calling them into the ministry. In between the two testimonies the young ladies from the CLBC group sang a special. The Ordination Counsel and myself then had the laying on of hands for Prince and Koasi as shown in the Bible. The laying on of hands by other God called and God fearing men also says and pictures God’s hand in and on their lives. From Acts 20:17-32 I gave them their Charge. Charging them: I. To Take Heed Of Self – Serving the Lord in Humility…; Counting Not Thyself Dear so to Finish your God-given Course with Joy and to Make Full Proof of the Ministry Received of the Lord Testifying the Gospel; II. To Take Heed Of The Flock - Keeping Back Nothing Profitable in Showing and Teaching Others; Shunning Not To Declare All the Counsel of God. III. To Take Heed Of Other – Speaking Perverse Things to Draw Away Disciples. This passage of Scripture concludes with Commending them to the Lord. So we at the end of the Service concluded with presenting to them their Ordination Certificates, A Thompson Chain Bible that is Able to Build Them Up, and several books and booklets written by men of God given in the name of all of the churches that support our family as missionaries to Ghana W. Africa. Thank You Churches for allowing us to have the Reward of this Wonderful day! This was a day that reminded me of the wonderful privilege of being in the Service Of The King! Thanks also to those others who have been instrumental in Sowing the Seed of God’s Word in Prince and Koasi’s lives before and during these last eight years. Thanks be to God, the Conductor of it All!  

CLBC Trip To Africa: Nine people from our home church, CLBC, in Medina Ohio, came to Ghana in May. We had a wonderful time as they helped to minister to the church and the people in Ghana. Tuesday – Thursday & Saturday we had 4 nurses from our home church, hold medical clinics in 3 villages and West Ridge School, giving some first aid and instructions to those in need. This was just the tool to share the gospel with many. Also Monday – Thursday evenings & Saturday Morning we had VBS. The guys from CLBC got to teach the Bible lessons. We also had “Bible Man” to the rescue. A guy from our church dresses like a super hero “Bible Man” and defeats the villain. The kids all love “Bible Man”. Friday we all headed to Kankum National Park, which are rope bridges high above the forest. We then headed to see some crocodiles; we also got to touch a crocodile. (Meanwhile, praying and reminding the Lord, that we know he has all power over all creatures. To please keep us safe.) From there we headed to the Slave Castle and toured the establishment. We had lunch and got to see the ocean before going home. Saturday was Medical Clinic & VBS in a village. In the evening our church put on the play, “Stay in the Castle.” Sunday services were as usual. Monday we passed out John & Romans in Kojokrom, a village where we are starting a Bible Study. We also were going to show a film, however it got rained out. Tuesday we had our weekly prayer meeting and Bible Study, due to our visitors that had to fly out on Wednesday evening. We had a wonderful time with everyone, for some this was their first mission’s trip. We pray that the Lord worked in a great way in their hearts. Hearts were challenged in Seeking Out & Doing the Lord’s Will; People were Saved – at the least 50 to 60; On the Field Experience and Practical’s were had - at least 903 were medically attended to on registry; 6,900 John and Romans were Distributed. Over 291 were personally and individually dealt with in giving the Gospel Message, not counting VBS attendance on Monday of 75 to Thursday of 178 who were given the Gospel. CLBC did the public school devotions along with teaching VBS; Two Blood Bought Churches, our church here in Ghana and our church in the US were Edified in the Lord; and I believe the Lord was Glorified. 

My Kids Column: A point of view from my kids. Naomi: I had a great time while our home church was here. I saw how everyone sacrificed a little to come and give to Christ. I also saw how just about every person they met they talked to them about Christ, and everything they did for Christ encouraged me. I was very happy when our two pastors we’ve taught for  8 years were ordained. I felt like, yes, these are our pastors they finally made it. It really excited me. We had a great time together, getting to touch a crocodile, walking on the rope bridges and going to the slave castle. I thank the Lord they were here. Matthew: One thing I noticed was whenever we got in a taxi, they would be witnessing to the driver. I also saw how every morning at 5:30 AM; there would be people up, reading their Bibles. Everyone they talked to they talked about salvation. It was fun while they were here. Joseph: I like when people got saved. Uncle Jimmy woke up very early to read his Bible and pray. We got to touch a crocodile and how Aunt Jessica was afraid to walk on the rope bridges. I was happy when they came to watch the play, because we worked hard and practiced all the time for it.                                                                                          

Bits Of Bread: “Being confident of this very thing, that he
which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:” – Phil.1:6