Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May Newsletter 2012

Conference On Missions: 
Teaching is not just with words but also in Actions Phil 4:9. Missions has always been a part of our teachings and a part of our actions. On March 18-21 we had our first weeklong conference on Missions In The Local Church and Of The Local Church. Missions is God’s Heart Beat. Missions is the Key Purpose of the Church. Missions is the Responsibility of the Church. Missions is God’s Command to the Church, the Great Commission! Missions is Blessed of God in the Church. Missions is a Mature Church’s Thrust! Sunday morning and Sunday evening I taught on The Fundamentals Of Missions; Monday night through Wednesday night I taught on The Fortune Of Missions; The Faith Of Mission; and The Family Of Missions. At the end of our missions teaching week we took up our commitments and decided to take on a mission project that involves our own church. Our church has bought a recorder to record some Bible Stories ending with the Gospel message on CDs in the dialects here. These CDs then will be given to those in the villages here who cannot read their own dialect but mainly speak and understand. Pray for this work in progress! We want to do what is our responsibility!  

Soccer Practice & Play: 
In Ghana soccer is called football. So in March on Easter Monday we were challenged by another church to play football. The last match we played with a challenging church a few years back we, not boastfully, but very easily defeated them by a sweeping 6 more goals. This time the statistics were a little different! The point is WE LOST BY ONE goal. We had good strategy and pattern but getting toward the end of a long game are team was not playing as a team but by individual talent which cost us the game. If anyone would like to adopt this truth it might help you to avoid a defeat! But on the bright side while practicing many who joined up with us to play the game were not church goers but at the last practice we had a short devotion and seen about 4 get saved.  

Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church had their 5th Anniversary on the15th of April. The children’s Sunday School/Jr. Church sang a special and did some verses. Mr. Achan, one of our older and faithful members did a special and recited a poem that he wrote for our church. Naomi has been working with the kids in teaching them Bible Lessons, singing, and Bible verses to be memorized and quoted. Nehemiah is praying for his own salvation. Matthew and Joseph are playing soccer ball with some kids down the street and successfully, inviting them to church. The ones name is Fleming. He is coming pretty regular but still needs to be saved! While on furlough in 2010 there was a man that I mentioned whose name is Dan. He and his family were very zealous but had no conviction on the Bible they used. They Were NIV. God started working in their lives about what Bible to use and to guide his family with. They were convicted to use KJV and to find a church that preached from the KJV. So they did Lighthouse Baptist Church in Bucyrus, OH. Since then they have started Biblically reaching people for Christ through a discipleship that I showed him. Friends and people Dan works with have gotten saved. Whole families have been saved and have become members of Lighthouse. Their Pastor and my friend, Pastor Wert has been able to become full time at the church. God Bless You Pastor and church. Chippewa Lake Baptist Church mission Trip to Ghana went well! I will be mentioning the Trip for CLBC, the Ordination, the Medical, and the VBS at CBBC in the next newsletter in a few weeks!!!                       

Prayer Requests: 
New Mission Project; Continual Spiritual Growth at the CBBC; Linda’s healing from Surgery; Mission Trip Follow UP 

Bits Of Bread: 
As an Individual and as a Local Church. The Future, The Failure, The Finances of Missions in the Local Church depend on Your Faith in Your Lord and Your God. How Is Your Faith? “…and be not faithless, but believing…And Thomas said unto him, My Lord and my God.” -  Jn. 20:27d, 28. Parallels of today and in the Bible at the end of the church age are: a lukewarm church and a shrinking Faith. Rev. 3:14-16; Lk. 18:8

With Purposed Determination Towards God,  

Matthew Siekbert