Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Newsletter 2012

Prep Classes: 
Looking at studying the Bible, topically, Shadrick, Benjamin, and Joseph have briefly gone over with me in the subjects of sin, atonement, and justification. We have many other topics of study as we progress. It seems that most families in Ghana, in America, and I believe in all of the world are not in oneness unless it is about self and sin. Shadrick’s family is scattered. He lives with his uncle. His dad is a fisherman who is gone weeks at a time possibly months. His dad lives in Ingesia, a village we have just recently started Bible studies in, noted in the last newsletter, but stays in Cape Coast an hour away from Sekondi. Shadrick’s mom lives in Accra the capital city about 5 hours away. Speaking of Benjamin, his parents are regular members of our church. His brother is our young Pastor here at Cornerstone. Benjamin’s sister teaches the little kids at church on Sundays. Lastly, Joseph, his Dad hasn’t been seen for over 8 years. As many, Joseph’s dad has left his responsibilities for someone else. Joseph is finishing school this year but is working on the side to pay for his schooling, help his mom, and those left at home. He has a younger sister and some older brothers. These are not just some sad stories, these are the effects of realities without God. Most of those who are coming to church for the Lord, are doing so without a parents support. As time goes on please keep these young men in your prayers as God works.  
Some Church Activities: 
There were about 20 for the Scavenger hunt in February and it was fun. Most of those who the activity was planned with did not come so we did what the Bible suggested. We went into the highways and hedges and compelled others. March’s activity we more than doubled those that came in February with 42. We had 4 teens get saved after our devotions before the boat ride. It was a 3 and a half hours wait in the sun. The “whites”, as the African call us, my family and I were like lobsters after our wait.  
The Medical Mission Team that was coming in May had to cancel but our church group of 9 from Chippewa Lake Baptist Church is still coming. Please be in prayer for their coming. Prayer prepares! Many of them that are coming are college age and are still looking for God’s clear direction in the way they should go. Pray that as they see some of the young men here getting ordained into the ministry and others here serving that it would challenge them in pursuing the things that God wants. Prince and Koasi have been taking up foundational doctrines in their teaching and preaching as they prepare for the ordination counsel they will face in May. Our Church room here in Ghana is getting a paint lift, which has become a long chore. I have done some updating to my ancient car that has gone through 2 other missionaries before I got it.  Prayer Requests: 
There is a lady in our church named Linda. She is going to have surgery probably before some of you get this letter. She has a mass that needs removed and that all will be successful in surgery and recovery. The young men who accepted Christ, that, they would grow in Christ before the devil snatches them away. Also, we are still pursuing church property. Our conference on missions is next week. Please pray for the Lord’s leading, burdening hearts to the place of wholeheartedly giving themselves in a greater degree of self-involvement for the desire of God that all should be saved. Revival starts by first giving of self to the Lord. II Cor. 8:3 says “they were willing of themselves;” verse 5 says “…but first gave their own selves to the Lord,…” then we see “, and unto us by the will of God.” Pray that they see the will of God but that they see their first need as Christians is to give themselves to the Lord so that we can use them in God’s Will. It is God’s Will that we first yield to Him then we’ll yield to the things and people that are of Him.
Bits Of Bread: 
Is your cause for the pigs or is your cause for Christ? “And, behold, the whole                                                                        city came out to meet Jesus: and when they saw him, they                                                                      besought him that he would depart out of their coasts.”- Mat. 8:34