Monday, January 23, 2012

January Newsletter 2012

Start Of Ingesia:  In November we started some Bible Studies in Ingesia, a village out side of the city of Sekondi. Before starting we tried to secure a place to hold the meetings. The school there would not have us. So we went in to the village itself where we were told that they would have a tent and chairs for us. The night we started we arrived to find those who told us of the availability, were not even there. So Shadrick, Benjamin, Prince and myself started reasoning to ourselves and to God about how that He wanted us there. So we started looking for a place right then and a lady at the end of the village opened up to us an uncompleted structure to start having our Bible Studies in that very evening. Praise The Lord! He works if we just stay with His plan. A Bible Study is to study the Bible. We are studying Genesis through Christ – Firm Foundation material. Through this study, young  people are being taught some most important, foundational truths that they need to know to build on, like: the  Bible is without error and correct in all things; God is Supreme and Sovereign; God communicates with man; God does not change; and etc. Also, in these Bible Studies some adults have been coming off and on to be taught on the sidelines by Prince while I have been heading up the kids study that is being interpreted and the main points emphasized on a dry erase board by Shadrick and Benjamin. In December we highlighted our Bible studies there in Ingesia with the film called “Bamboo” a story of a missionary in China coming to a village to see people come to know the Lord as the Saviour of their souls, the Lord of their lives, and Master in whom they follow to carry on the Gospel.
New, New, New: New Arrivals; New Salvations; and our Second New Round of Preachers, Lord willing. Francis, a new arrival, came as a result of some contacts from when we first started in Sekondi. He has a background of Assemblies. It’s probable that his claim of being saved is not so. For the last two month he has been coming off and on. He has some problems being re-baptized, tongues, and issues concerning the Holy Spirit. Please pray for him that he will come back. In Ghana there are many things taught here in the so-called churches, correctly, known as CULTS. It takes true salvation and surrender to God’s Word to overcome many years of false doctrines and teachings. Samuel Forson, another new arrival, came last week with Martin his cousin. When I  talked with him after the Sunday morning services, he professed to be saved. On Wednesday the 18th after our devotions at the West Ridge School, Koasi and I visited him at his house. Samuel still professed to be saved. Then we started speaking to him about how he got saved? He mentioned that he confessed his sins to God, because he needed to get right. I told him that he needed to confess that he is a sinner, repent, and accept Christ as his Saviour for the penalty of sin. After realizing he needed Christ, he accepted Christ as his Saviour. After he became a son of God, I showed to him I Jn 1:8-9. How that he is able to confess his sins to Christ, for our Faithful Father in heaven to forgive; answer prayers; and have an unbroken fellowship with the Lord as His born again son. This New Year on the 20th of January, our 2nd round of Prep Classes started. God has done great things through the 1st start of our Prep Classes eight years ago with Prince and Koasi, our preachers. Please pray for us as we start to teach Shadrick, Benjamin, and Joseph. These Prep Classes are designed to prepare them on how to study the Bible, to prepare messages, and to prepare their lives for the ministry. The steady diet of the Word of God through Discipleship Classes, these Prep Classes, and Involvement in the church ministries will help keep them focused on what God wants and also get them to the place of Bible School. 
Highlighted Events & Prayer Requests:  This Sunday Morning after church we had a Baptism Service for Evelyn, John, and Samuel with Bro Prince performing his first baptismal. In March we are having a conference on Missions of the Local Church; In May our first Ordination Services for Bro Prince and Bro Koasi; Medical Missions Outreach, if your interested in coming go to MMO web site to get info and to sign up, also some young folks from our church are coming who could use some financial help; In August, possibly, a 3 day Teen Emphasis Week; In October our Revival Conference; and lastly we are still looking to get some church property and are still in need of some financial help in getting some church property. We want to thank those churches that helped us with $1,686.77 this month. Our total is $8,686.77. 
Bits Of Bread:  “Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:”- Eph. 4:13         
                                                       With Purposed Determination Towards God, 
                                                                 Missionary Matthew J. Siekbert