Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 2011 Newsletter

Family Functions:
My prayer is God’s mercy and His promise. “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when his is old, he will not depart from it.” Our kids are busy with home schooling. Naomi and Matthew are in 7th grade, Joseph is in the 3rd grade, and Nehemiah is a year early in working on Kindergarten. He is watching his sister and brothers and is very eager in doing what they are. He wants to do his fair share in being a part of all that is going on! I as Dad I’m encouraging that and say that is Marvelous! AMEN! Keep it up son! I have been teaching our kids in their Bible class on each book of the Bible. We are in I Chronicles this week and we are using “Thru the Bible in one Year”. For the kids schooling it will take us 2 years, one year surveying the OT and the next year surveying the NT. Naomi sang 3 solos during our Revival. Also during our Revival Nehemiah was watching his sister and brothers taking notes of the messages so he started taking notes also. In his not so easy to read hand writing Nehemiah worked on writing down what is on the banner that is tacked up in the front of the church “The Bible Is His Story”! Naomi goes visiting on Tuesday mornings with Jackie and Priscilla. On Tuesday evenings Matthew goes with Prince and I to discipleship with a few others who are going through our teachings. Saturday’s all our kids and myself except Nehemiah go on visitation with the young men of the church, as has been every term.
Topics Addressed:
Our church is a young church and little but one that is listening and teachable. The Lord has led me to speak on these subjects since our last newsletter. The Marriage, the Husband, and the Home. During our Revival Conference in October I covered David’s Personal Prayer in Psalms 86 concerning His Needs, His Rightful Reasons and State of Being, His Glorifying of God, His Purposed Determination Towards God, and His Strengthening Over His Enemies; Praying According to God’s Will by Abiding in God’s Word and by Being Sensitive to the Holy Spirit; and Intercessory Prayer concerning Moses’, Jesus’, The Spirit’s, and the Apostle Paul’s. Intercessory prayer is truly a needed and a spiritual work. Prayer as you know moves the Mighty hand of God!
Thanks To Give:
We thank the Lord for those who have gotten saved at West Ridge Schools. My wife’s leading to the Lord one of the girls in her young ladies Sunday school class two weeks ago. My wife and my family in serving and accepting wherever and whatever God’s Will is! I am thankful for my personal Salvation and the opportunities the Lord God has given me in leading my children to the Lord except Nehemiah as of yet and in teaching my kids in the things of the Bible through daily devotions and daily Bible classes. My Ministry Starts At Home! Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and have a resolute, Happy New Year Living, Learning, Loving, and Looking for Him until He comes! To God Be The Glory! Thank you all that support us in faithful prayers and finances and for those that have helped us raise some funds for church property this year. In October $1,500 was raised! Praise the Lord! We have $7,600 so far and we are still working on raising more and also working on getting the last mentioned property. The owner told us to contact him in December.
Bits Of Bread: “…,choose you this day whom ye will serve;…as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” - Joshua 24:15 - My Ministry Starts At Home!
Prayer Requests: My wife’s MS was acting up with some dizziness the other day; Church Property; Medical Mission Outreach coming in May 2012; The raising of some finances for those from our church and others in the States who decide to come in May 2012 with MMO – Visit their web site if interested in the trip!

With Purposed Determination Towards God,
Matthew J. Siekbert