Saturday, September 10, 2011

September Newsletter 2011

VBS: At the End of July we had VBS. 5 accepted the Lord. The highest day in attendance was 158. During August just about every week someone came to know the Lord. One of the times of soul winning Albert a young man who God has been dealing with in the area of service, teamed up with Prince and got to lead a young lady to the Lord. Responsibility Meeting: The Responsibility meeting is a meeting we have had with our core of responsible leaders and workers at church. It is a time of fellowship and discussion of our responsibilities. It is a time of reminder that we are in the Service of the King. Right before our furlough we had a Responsibility Meetings and another one came on just this August. Starting: Our Wednesday Devotion time at West Ridge School will be starting up again from the month break the school has had in August. Jackie has started a Teen class for the young girls. The design of the class is to teach them to be proper young ladies who follow their leader and assist in church ministries. The 6 young men that I mentioned in my last newsletter for my discipleship class are: Albert, Joseph, Kendal, Isaac, Benjamin, & Shadrick. While on furlough Prince & Koasi were discipling 3 of the young men on the first 20 lessons that we start with. Kendal has been through these first 20 lessons with me along with his faithfully serving in the church. Albert has been going through some discipling with Prince on Wednesday before church services. Koasi is also helping our disciplee, Isaac. These last two young men we are trying to catch them up in having the first 20 lessons finished like the other 4 already have. Disappointments & Repairs: One of our responsible ladies, Nellie, has gone to Accra, the capital city of Ghana to further her education in nursing. She got saved about 4 years ago and has been serving the Lord in our church for at least 3 of those years. She has been a good influence on her family. Her younger sister, Celestina, got saved and became a good church member about 3 and a half years ago. We hope that she will return to us soon. I believe she could be a good wife for one of our young men. Along with these disappointments, the mechanic told us that our car needs its engine replaced. Also, a young man in our church has unsaved parents who keep pushing him away from Growing in the Lord, Listening to the Lord and His Will by trying to divert his attention off church sending him off to get more educated to make some good money! Concerning our church property that we have been working on getting for the last 2 years it is not working out. The man that wanted to sell it to us is being political with the squatters that live on the property and he is not making them move from the land. BUT GOD, WHO IS ALL KNOWING, KNOWS BEST! Just late, last week we have been shown a piece of land that is available now. We at the church were inquiring on this very piece of property before our furlough. It cost half of what the previous property would cost. The cost is about $13,700 as opposed to $30,000. Prices often fluctuate with the rate change here in Ghana and also with the dollar getting weaker. This price does not include any miscellaneous monies for legal fees, permits or etc. We have $6,000 raised. The remainder of what is needed is $7,700 We prayerfully ask that God would lead 7 churches in deciding to send us $1,100 each or 14 churches $550 each. Bits Of Bread: “Failure does not always mean fault”, a statement from Andrew Murray’s book With Christ in the School of Prayer. Disappointments come from Failure but Victories come from Overcoming! Christ is the only One who can give you the strength to live the Christ-Like life. “I can do all things through Christ which strenghtheneth me.” - Phil. 4:13 Prayer Requests: Concerns of our Church Land: The Soon Purchase & Possession of it; It’s Financial Backing & Starting of a temporary Structure on it by November’s Newsletter; Our Quota Approval for Ghana by the end of this mouth; God’s Working in hearts during our Revival Conference in October on the Subject of Prayer.

Standing On The Promises Of God, Matthew J. Siekbert