Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July Newsletter 2011

Pastoral Update: Prince as our primary preacher is going over a study with the church in the book of Revelation. Koasi is going over a study with the church in the book of Jude. The people of the church are enjoying these studies in God’s Word and asking questions. Prince mentioned to me that while we were on furlough that at times that he was in the Pastoral Epistles through study, sermon preparation, or something in mentioning that it would remind him of me speaking to him. They both are a blessing and I’m glad to be back! While visiting last Saturday we got to visit with a young lady whose baby would often be brought to the church by some of our teen girls. That little baby died the week before we came to visit. When confronted with that visit Prince and myself sat down to talk with that young girl. Prince said to me Pastor what should I say? I reminded him of the story of David and Bathsheba and their little child that died and how David said, “…I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me”… II Sam.12:23b. The story relates to us that the child was not at the age of accountability so David would some day get to see his child again in heaven. Prince told the young girl about her baby in heaven and we got to lead her to the Lord! God must draw people to Himself just like the Philippian

Agenda Update: Joseph, a young man that Koasi led to the Lord and started doing some group Bible studies with before our furlough, has been faithful in going to church while we have been gone. He asked me just this past last week at church if I would look at a sermon that he wrote out. The topic is on Feeding The Flock Of God in I Pt.5:1-4. It was pretty good but his asking also is showing me what direction he is headed in and how that he is growing in the Lord. We are excited for the next few years in possibly seeing him and several other young men like him enrolling in Bible School. We have some that are a little younger that I believe will also be in Bible School. While seeing the Lord at work here, I will start after VBS teaching, discipling and going with them through some Prep classes that are designed to help with Bible Study. This will be much of the same format that I started with Prince and Koasi six and a half years ago in helping them in their study of the Bible, who are now pastors to be ordained this term. I thank God for His Continued Work! VBS here at Cornerstone will be starting on July 25th through the 29th. Please be in prayer for those who need to be saved and the Lord to be glorified.

Jackie, Quota & Building Update:As of now Jackie is feeling fine. She is doing a cleanse and taking vitamins the wellness doctor has prescribed. Please be in prayer for the continued process and approval of our Quota. Right before leaving for furlough we had our quota applications submitted. In short a Quota is for Recognition of yearly permits needed to stay in this country. Also, right before our leaving the States from furlough we had two of our supporting churches give us over a $1,000 each for expenses and for the church property here in Ghana. We thank you all at Lighthouse and Cornerstone for your sacrifice. We have a total of $6,000 that has been given for the property so far. $30,000 is the total of what is needed. We have discussed with the Lawyer that has the property: when to get the squatters off the property and for the church to be at the sight by September. Please keep us in prayer that we can get the money raised soon for the church property and to get to the sight by September.

Bits of Bread: “,…add to your faith virtue;…” - II Pt. 1:5 Don’t be content or satisfied with your level of Christianity. Diligently strive for a greater level of holiness, not to stay, saved but because you are saved! We are children of God!
I. To Exhibit Our Precious Faith Better 1:1 II. To Continue Being Fruitful 1:8 III. To Stay From Falling 1:10

Declaring the glory of the Lord,

Matthew J. Siekbert