Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Newsletter 2011

Our Returning:
On our return to Ghana W. Africa, we have our plane tickets for June 14 and we have mailed in our passports to get our visas, please pray for that process that all goes well. Please be in prayer for us as we prepare: for passage; luggage, extra luggage and its arrival; school materials and our remembering of things we need for the next 3 to 4 years. We have begun to pack and get rid of things. We have talked to one of our graduate preacher’s, Prince. He also is in the preparing mode for our return. He has been a big help in many things and ways! He is starting to get our house together which needs cleaned up from a year’s settling of dirt and bugs; renting a van to pick us up at the airport and a room at the guest house in Accra, the capital city. We will stay in the capital for the night and pick up any items we may need. One of those items will be a microwave. As a good husband, our microwave that we had I gave away before we left for furlough so I know that might be priority on my wife’s list! We are looking forward to our return. The kids finish school on June 3rd. They are getting anxious to go back home.

Our Visiting:
Our last scheduled meeting is June 1st. We have been blessed to be in many of our supporting churches to update them. There have been decisions for Christ and some good reports on increases concerning missions giving. ONE OF THE GREATEST ATTRIBUTES OF GOD IS GIVING! Be a Hebrews 11 Christian not a Hebrews 10 Christian. We have been in PA, OH, TX for the month of April and this month of May IL, PA and OH. Thank you to those of our supporting churches who have increased our support! We are pray for those supporting churches that have decreased our support for financial reasons. Some of the churches that we have been in during this furlough have been new ones and some have taken us on for new support in which we are very thankful for! Lord willing I believe that there will be more new support coming. Furlough for the veteran missionary is often a time for maintenance work for the ministry God has us in on the foreign mission field. Maintenance is needed in our own wellbeing and maintenance is needed in the raising of additional support and finances for some special projects. Our Projects In Africa: Please continue to pray for the property project in Ghana. We still need $24,000 for the land we are hoping to purchase and we still need some money for the Bible Institute material. Thank you to those who have given to these needs and thank you to those who are praying about it.

Jackie’s MS Update:
When we were in IL we headed over to Iowa, where my wife had a doctor’s appointment with a wellness doctor. He works with missionaries and has MS himself. He was recommended to us by one of our supporting churches in OH. He has found out that there are many deficiencies in her body, some parasites that may be in the rest of us maybe from mosquitos or the African water. He is in the process of eliminating most of her problems with some monthly mailed herbal nutrition and a prescribed 90-day diet. He is very confident that this will take care of most all of her MS problems. Thank you all for your prayers and information.

Bits of Bread: Be Ready, Be Prepared! No Man knows the time or the hour, But Christ’s Return for the Saved Is Sure as God’s Wrath Is for the Unsaved! “Be ye therefore ready also: for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not.” – Luke 12:40

Declaring The Glory Of The Lord,

Matthew Siekbert