Friday, March 11, 2011

March 2011 Newsletter

African Projects:

Since January’s Newsletter, $1,000 in addition has been raised for some Church Property in Ghana. We have been able to raise $4,000 in total. $30,000 is the needed total. Thank you to those individuals and churches that have helped us with this so far. To God Be The Glory! Also on the Bible School Curriculum some books have been donated to the cause in which we are grateful for! If writing a check, please write your check out to Chippewa Lake Baptist Church for your suggested African Project.

Traveling Updates:

Our travels from this January have been in: Ohio, Michigan, Flying into Missouri for a Missions Conference, and also in Delaware. During these meetings, myself and another missionary friend got to lead a young 20 year old man to the Lord; also I was blessed and encouraged in hearing and seeing what some of our supporting churches are doing in planting other churches in their State; a second church took us on for additional support; our family got to go to the Ice Cream Parlor in MI to share an ice cream, the 6 in our family and the couple that took us out. That ice cream stood about 24 to 30 inches tall. I’m not kidding! We will post our newsletter as always and some pictures of that ice cream on our blog page It was a delight!!! The rest of our calendar is for the most part booked up through the end of May, even the holiday. Our bookings are in: Ohio, NC, flying to Texas, and PA. We have tried to get into most all of our supporting churches between this furlough and the last furlough of 2006-2007. We are glad to be your missionaries to Ghana W. Africa. As you know from our previous newsletters Jackie, my wife, has been having some problems with dizziness and numbness that you all have been praying for and we appreciate. During our travels to the doctor’s office and the Neurologist, she has had a spinal tap and 2 MRIs. The Neurologist has come to a final diagnostic that she has MS. Please be in prayer for us as we decide how to go about treating this through medicine and/or herbal with the wisdom of the Lord. Suggestions are welcomed. Injections could cost us $1,000 a month if we must go this way. My father’s cancer surgery went well with the surgeon’s approval of being cancer free. My sister’s surgery went well also. Thank you for praying! Starting To Gear Up: It is getting close to shifting gears for being Ghana bound. In getting ready, there are a few things that we have done already: We have started ordering some schoolbooks for the children for our first two years back in Ghana. We have purchased at Lehmans’ a hand cranked water pump, some water filters for drinking, and also some led lights. We need to finish up with purchasing plane tickets, getting visas, shots for Nehemiah, and I am sure there is more…!

Bits Of Bread:

“I am one that bear witness of myself, and the Father that sent me beareth witness of me.” - John 8:18 Be Honest and Do Right! Our Hope Is In God and Our Best Defense Is Of God! I. Speak What He Wants You To Speak! Jn 8:26, 28 II. Keep What He Wants You To Keep! Jn 8:55; 15:10 III. Do What He Wants You To Do! Jn 9:4

Declaring the Glory of the Lord,
Matthew J. Siekbert