Saturday, January 15, 2011

January Newsletter 2011

Ghana Goals and News:
During our next term back in Ghana, we have five main goals we would like to achieve: 1. To Obtain Church Property 2. To Ordain Bro Prince and Bro Koasi into the ministry 3. To Continue Public School Devotions at West Ridge School and Group Bible Studies in Neighborhoods 4. To Expand the Teaching and Training of Young Men in the Word of God and in the Ministry 5. To Go Forward with Trained Men Into Other Church Plants. The news from Ghana by email from Prince was about the rent due in November for the room our church meets in. The land lady wanted to raise the rent for the next year. Before I left we went over the budget and we allowed so much for the rent. We as a church didn’t have the extra money the land lady was asking for. Prince and Koasi talked with the lady and God gave Prince a verse Ps 86:17. So the land lady said she would not renew and the church could stay until the end of the month. A young lady Nelly who goes to our church lives beside the church and has a key to the church. On the Wednesday after talking with the land lady, Prince forgot his church key and went to Nelly’s to get the key. One of Nelly’s sisters saw Prince and said my mother wants to speak with you. Nelly’s mother gave the church the extra money needed to rent the room and the land lady agreed to renew for another year. We also got a phone call from the church in Ghana on Christmas Eve. It was nice to hear from everyone. They asked what the message was that I had for them, I gave them the message about the wise men and the star that was a guidance from God. Paralleling this to the Christian who needs to keep tract of and focused on the Lord’s guidance in our own lives.

African Projects:
For 2011 I believe the Lord would have me to ask for, by Faith in God’s Supply, some funds needed for Church Property and Bible School curriculum in helps with our church plant in Ghana West Africa. I am asking churches to prayerfully,consider helping us raise some funds with your Pastor’s leadership and God’s direction of you in that way. We need $30,000 for the church property and $3,200 for Bible School curriculum. We received in this new year at our first meeting $1,000. We have been praying about it for 3 years. We have some Church Property in the works as I have mentioned. The paper work is to be in it’s final stages. Hopefully, that will be all worked out by my return if not sooner! The church in Ghana is giving toward this project. It is like the widow woman giving her two mites. The Lord blesses when like the widow woman you give all, not just out of your abundance. If you send a check please write it out to: Chippewa Lake Baptist Church and in the memo part of the check write: African Project—Property or African Project—Curriculum.

Thanks To The Lord:
Some things the Lord has done, that I am thankful for are that I have been visiting with a man on Tuesdays as I mentioned in my last newsletter and I got to lead a young man to the Lord. I am thankful for our churches that have faithfully supported us financially and in prayers, gifts, cards, letters and emails. Thank You!!Thank the Lord for Olde Liberty Baptist Church who has taken us on for support during our last meeting of 2010. For the first meeting of the new year and the first person to give $1,000 toward the property project in Ghana from Blessed Hope Baptist Church. God has been good to us. Thank you!!

Bits Of Bread:
In Obeying God’s Will, God Will Provide. “And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovahjireh: as it is to this day, In the mount of the Lord it shall be seen.”
- Gen. 22:14

Declaring the Glory of the Lord,

Matthew J. Siekbert