Monday, November 15, 2010

November Newsletter 2010

Christ’s Concern:
Christ’s concern for Christians, the Church, His Body is a perfected faith but that is accompanied by a perfected love! Galatians 5:6 says “… but faith which worketh by love.” This kind of faith availeth much. We have been busy going back to our supporting churches. Some missions conferences, individual meetings, and all day meetings in OH., PA., MI., and KY. In many of these services the Lord has been leading me to preach on Paul’s Desire for the Church, which is really Christ’s desire; the Greatness of the Great Commission, a title thought from BPS missionary Bro. Bob Ford, but not his outline; and also the Great Attribute of God, Giving. In Africa Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church had their Revival for October. Our report on the revival was that it went well. The topic for the revival meeting was “Faithfulness of Stewards” found in I Cor. 4:2. Kendall wrote and told us that he just got done reading his Bible through for the first time. We are glad for God’s work in Ghana. Love is a work not just a happening. Others would know like: Abraham and Isaac, Peter in John 21:15 – 24 where he was asked three times “lovest thou me” and then the foretelling of his future death in the glorifying of God, ask the carnal and problemed church of Corinth after Chapter 13 on love in I Corinthians who bettered themselves in II Corinthians. Also, ask Thessalonica in I Thess. 1:3 when the Apostle Paul commented on his thanks and prayers to God for them of their “ of faith, and labour of love, and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ…” Look at Christ’s Work on the Cross. Love is a work that we as man must perfect, it is not just a happening. It is Taught by God and Learned by the Doer! I Thess. 4:9

Kid’s Concern:
On some of my week long meetings my wife and children do not accompany me due to the kid’s schooling. But our kids got involved with the missions program at their school, Temple Christian School in Mansfield, Ohio for their missions conference and got to share a little one liner about Ghana. We as parents were glad to see them involved. They all did a fine job. The other day I asked them if they are missing Ghana yet and they through various times said that they are missing it. Life for us is being involved with church. Being around the people of God, the Word of God and being involved in the things of God. To some that may seem boring but it is fulfilling and profitable. Build relationships that are fulfilling not temporarily satisfying. Getting involved with church brings to life the real true reasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas. For Christmas we are planning to send a gift box to our church in Ghana. Here, we all are also looking forward to snow, spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with the family along with all the good food. We have a lot to be Thankful for!

Church’s Concern:
When I am in town I have had the opportunity of going visiting with a man who just started going to church at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Bucyrus. He has been saved for a long while, but God has stirred his heart on the KJV issue, so Dan and his family have decided to find a church that is using the correct version of the Bible, the KJV. They are excited in the Lord, serving the Lord and looking to serve Him in a bigger way! Thank you to all who have been praying for my wife’s recovery from her inner ear infection. She is back to normal. Life goes much smoother with dependability. My wife has started discipling a lady attending this church, she also has been saved for a while, but wants to grow in her knowledge of God and of the Bible. We are glad to be involved in a part of this church’s ministry.

Bits of Bread:
If you are serving Jesus as you should be and need encouragement, encourage yourself in the Lord!
1. By Remembering Somebody is praying for you as Paul was for the church in Thessalonica I Thes.1:3
2. By Remembering He, Jesus, makes things perfect that aren’t Heb.7:19
3. By Remembering The Holy Spirit is praying for you even if no one else is. Rom. 8:26
4. By Remembering Ira Sankey’s song “Trusting Jesus That Is All”

Declaring the Glory of the Lord,

Matthew J. Siekbert