Thursday, July 8, 2010

July Newsletter 2010

Graduation Day: On May15th we had five graduates from Western Baptist Bible Institute represented by four different missionary church plants. Two of the men that graduated from Bible School were from our church Cornerstone. Koasi Amouzou and Prince Tackie. Many of our church members and their families came to the commencement to show their love, support and gladness as a church of our first two graduating preachers. I have been glad, honored, privileged, blessed, and humbled to be their Preacher, Pastor and Teacher for the last six years. The change and spiritual growth one can have in faithfully yielding to God’s Word, Work, and Way is Amazing! Friday before graduation we had a luncheon for the men at a local restaurant. Sunday morning I presented our men with the “Be Series” by Warren Wiersbe and World’s Bible Handbook by Robert Boyd. Along with an Exhaustive Strongs Concordance, Willmingtons Guide To The Bible given to them at Christmas and the Rock Of Ages Study Bible these should be some good parchments for their personal study. These two men are teaching and preaching in my absence in Ghana. They are faithful to God’s Word. My desire is to ordain them when we return for our next term. God has blessed His church with these two young men in which I am thankful and blessed with. I am overwhelmed and my heart is full of joy!

Last Sunday in Ghana: “Great is my boldness of speech toward you, great is my glorying of you…” II Cor. 7:4 I preached the last Sunday on “Boasting”, the right kind of boasting.
I. Boasting, In Your Readiness To Obey II Cor. 7:5-16
Which Brought: A. A Comfort 7:6 D. No Shame 7:14
B. A Rejoicing 7:7, 13 E. A Found Truth 7:14
C. A Refreshing 7:5-6,13 F. A Confidence 7:16
II. Boasting, In The Forwardness Of Your Mind II Cor. 9:2
III. Boasting, In Your Zeal II Cor. 9:2.
I baptized 5 on our last Sunday. Prince has a Bible study at his house, part of the group meetings I talked about before. Four of the teen young men were from Princes Bible study. The fifth teen young man was from Koasi and faithful in attendance to church. During Sunday school and Sunday evening services we finished up with our study in the book of Ephesians chapter six on “The Warfare Of The Church”.

May Revival: The last Sunday of May we had a four day Revival on the topic of “Commitment”. We had some good speakers who challenged us to stay committed to God. One salvation & God’s working in hearts. My wife and I taught the children on Sunday, so that all of our workers could attend the morning services. I am excited for our church. This year will be a year of proving. Please pray for them as they serve in the Lord. Home: We are settling back in to Ohio. I thought we were coming home to summer, it has been a little chilly for us. Thank you for your prayers as we traveled. Please don’t forget to send any mail to our home church listed above in the letterhead. Also we will be Traveling and scheduling Meetings with our supporting churches to report on what the Lord is doing in Ghana W. Africa.

Bits of Bread: We are Blessed by: God the Father, Jesus Christ, & the Holy Spirit “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ:” - Ephesians 1:3

Prayer Request/Schedule: Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church of Sekondi/Essikado CBBC Preachers, Leaders, Teachers, & Workers: Prince & Koasi; Kendall; Nelly & Priscilla; Shadrick & Benjamin
Sunday Morning Service 9/10 AM Sunday Evening Service 5 PM Monday Evening Ladies Bible Study/Visitation 5 PM Tuesday Evening Group Bible Studies 5 PM
Wednesday Morning Public School Devotion 7:30 AM Wednesday Evening Service 6 PM
Friday Assistant Growth Class 5 PM Saturday Morning Village Mtgs/Visitation 8:30/9:30 Upcoming Events: CBBC as they prepare for VBS in August
CBBC as they prepare for Camp in August Our Kids Schooling Year Our Scheduling, Travels, & Meetings