Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May Newsletter 2010

Easter Sunday we had good church services, afterward we baptized 5 in the ocean. The following Sunday we went over the church constitution which thanks to Gene, a lady who attends our church and has an internet café, copied and bound for the church.

Anniversary Sunday:
On Anniversary Sunday, I got to challenge them on Bearing Fruit “...fruit that may abound to your account…” It is my desire as it was Paul’s, it is their need as it was for the church at Philippi, and it is Christ’s appointment to the Church through exhortation of His Holy Word. As a missionary pastor my mind has been focused on leaving them for furlough but also in away parental feelings kick in because I know for the first time all of the functions and responsibilities of the church will be on them. This is an exciting time that I’m glad for and I know their capable to do but also a proving time! We gave out baptismal certificates to those who have been baptized this year. Sunday afternoon we had a luncheon for the leaders and workers of our church to discuss and go over individual responsibilities. These are those who are serving in the church: Prince and Koasi are the preachers, Kendall as the song leader/S.S teacher, Shadrick and Benjamin are the ushers/translators, Priscilla and Nelly are the book keepers for spiritual decisions and financial records/S.S. teachers. The day before our luncheon the girls came over and helped my wife cook chicken and rice along with some cake for dessert. In the Evening service we showed pictures and gave testimonies of the last six years of ministry and third year Anniversary for the established Sunday morning church services. We were hoping to be on our new property for Anniversary Sunday but we are still waiting. They are still working on needed paper work. Now that the family has all come together in agreement, things should move a little faster. Please continue to be in prayer for the property!

Group Studies:
We had a football match between our church Cornerstone and Mt. Calvary on Easter Monday. We won!! 10 - 4. Two of the guys who helped us win the victory are from Prince’s group study. They came to church for the first time this Sunday. The group studies have their ups and downs but are going good. There have been some times when the people they are discipling are not at home and they have to reschedule for a different time. It has been a little work on their part but, I think it has been encouraging to see the fruit beginning to grow. Koasi is in Sekondi with his group study and at times he has had quite a few coming.

Some of us from our church attended a funeral this weekend for a lady named Dinah, whose mother had died. Dinah is from Rehoboth Baptist Church. Our preachers and I visited Dinah during the week prior praying with her that the gospel would be clearly given during the funeral. Well to make a long story short, I got to preach the grave side service and tell those there about Christ and give the salvation message. Some raised their hands for salvation and accepted Christ. Eternity will reveal their hearts belief. AMEN!

As of June, please don’t forget to send any snail mail to our home address which is our sending church: You can still contact us by our email accounts. We look forward to being with many of you in coming months.

Bits of Bread
As a Believer, a part of the Body of Christ, God has given you the means and bestowed on you enough Grace to live the Christian Life in Holiness as you ought to. “But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.” -Ephesians4:7