Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March Newsletter 2010

Discipleship Group Meetings:
As of the New Year we have begun 5 different group/Bible studies. I have been discipling the men of the church since I have been in Ghana. This year the Lord has laid on my heart to divide up into groups in our neighborhoods and disciple others. We have Koasi meeting in his area discipling, Prince in his area discipling, Kendall is heading up discipling in his neighborhood which is ours also, Priscilla discipling with some girls in her area and school, and Nellie discipling with some girls and her sisters near our church where she lives. In this endeavor I am challenging them to be faithful because God will be faithful in establishing our thoughts as we commit our works to Him in seeing others saved and the growth of our church. Prov.16:3 Through committing our works to the Lord we have seen out of the 5 group/Bible studies so far: 4 teen boys attending, 3 people receive Christ as their Savior, Joe a saved teen boy in my neighborhood and friend of Kendall’s come and be challenged in attending our church that follows and does what the Bible says. Other churches and religions follow and practice the doctrines of men. Nellie’s group is assisting and encouraging one of her sisters in the membership and involvement in our church, her other older sister Nellie is also influencing in God’s Word concerning her need of the Savior, and helping growth in Esther one of our younger church girls. Priscilla is doing her lessons with her mom and has invited some other ladies to join them. We have seen God blessing this ministry and also those 5 group/Bible study leaders growing in the service of the Lord. It was a hard start for some of them. The first week some of the groups did not have anybody or did not even start, but with encouragement, patience and now faithfulness they are seeing some fruit beginning to come. Other than the 5 different group/Bible studies mentioned, some of the young teens out of our church have taken it on themselves to do some of these group/Bible studies at school. Amen!

Anniversary Sunday:

Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church of Sekondi will be having their 3 year anniversary on April 18th, 2010. We are looking forward to a great Sunday. Please be in prayer for the services. We would love to have our Anniversary Sunday service on the property the church is trying to get. Please be in prayer for that property. In Ghana it is a process that could end up in a lot of wasted time, a family feud or a long drawn out legal problem. The Lawyer, the family member that is leading the rest of the family in this decision went to Accra, the capital city, this weekend to talk it over with his family. Please be in prayer for this and the rest of the process!

We had the privilege of baptizing 4 on January 18th. Since then I have started during Sunday school a new baptismal class and will have another baptism on April 18th. My wife has not been teaching the children during Sunday school or Jr. Church, Priscilla and Nellie have taken that ministry on. My wife is teaching a teen girl during Sunday school the lesson she teaches on Monday night for ladies Bible study. They are learning about the fruit of the Spirit.

Bits of Bread:
Through the true conversion of one the exceeding riches of His grace comes to light! “That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus.” Ephesians 2:7