Thursday, September 10, 2009

September Newsletter 2009

West Ridge, Activities, & Bible School:
Our youth attended a Youth Conference at the end of July. We had 10 teens and 2 counselors attend. As their Missionary Pastor, I was glad to see our young church group spiritually taking the lead in a variety of personal ways, initiatives and maturities through counseling, Tract and Devotional writings, decisions and helping in the work. West Ridge School is on summer break and re-opens on September 15th. Quite a few accepted the Lord as their Saviour since July’s Newsletter and have continued attending morning church services which is encouraging. Some young people to pray for as they are newer and have been pretty consistent: Emmanuel, Cornelius, Peterson, Esther, Selicia, Isaac, Winfred (mid-teens to in their twenties). The discouraging thing is that Lamissi a convert in Christ and in the truest sense of a “convert” that I have seen in a long while who was coming faithfully and came with us to the Youth Conference, suddenly called a few days after we got back from the conference and told me she had moved to the Upper East Region to stay with her Grandma. Her Uncle didn’t want to care for her any longer. As far as I know there are no Biblical Baptist Churches in that area. Please pray for Lamissi. She is young in the Lord, excited in the Lord, sharp and faithful in the Lord, but thrown into the wolves of the world, cults and religions of all sorts. Bible School began Monday August 31st. This will be Prince and Kaosi’s last year of Bible School. I will start the 3rd phase of Prep Class for Prince and Kaosi on Saturdays. It will be on Ministerial Issues and Pastoral Activities such as church business, weddings, funerals, etc.

On the Home Front:
Our kids began school on August 18th. Matthew turned 10 on August 31st. Our passports have been renewed. It was short but nice to see some American faces at the counter behind the glass and organization too. Now we have to get ready to send them to immigrations for the yearly approval. That is an ordeal, and also time to pay for each of us to stay in the country. The car as usual has been consistent in giving me troubles along with leaking water pipes and the weary water pump for the house but hopefully, as President Lincoln said concerning the war, “this too shall pass”. Our Coconut tree, Banana and Plantain trees are bringing forth much fruit, Amen!

Upcoming Event
We are planning our church Revival Conference for October 18th – 21st. We are gearing up for the speakers and the preaching. Mary Tackie, Princes mother lost her father. They are preparing for the funeral to be held in October a week before the Conference. Please pray for their family as they travel to the funeral next month. We have a Scavenger hunt scheduled for next Saturday for the teens. In recent years we have helped kids find their true love kissing a goat, plucking a feather from a chicken, and bringing old tires. If you put it on the list they will find it. We have a lot of fun during this activity.

Bits of Bread:
―The Model Faith — It Is A Growing Faith‖ ― ye would abound more and more. ... that ye increase more and more;‖ - I Thes.4:1c,10b

I. In How Ye Ought to Walk and to Please God v1
II. In How to Posses Your Vessel v4
III. In How to Be Self-Observant and Self–Motivated in the Teachings of God Concerning Brotherly Love v9,10
IV. In How Ye Sorrow Not, Even As Others v13

Prayer Request/Schedule:
Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church of Sekondi/Essikado
Sunday Morning Service 9/10 AM
Sunday Evening Service 5 PM Sunday Teachers Training 12 PM (once a month)
Monday Evening Ladies Bible Study 5 PM (twice a month)
Tuesday Evening Men’s Discipleship Class 6:30 PM
Wednesday Morning Public School Devotion 7:30 AM Wednesday Evening Service 6 PM Friday Assistant Growth Class 5 PM
Saturday Morning Village Mtgs/Visitation 8:30/9:30 AM