Saturday, July 4, 2009

July Newsletter 2009

Encouraging Visits and 2nd VBS at CBBC:
Nkum from West Ridge School was led to the Lord by Koasi. Cornelius from Sekondi was led to the Lord by Prince. They have been coming to church after a visit we had with their parents asking them to allow their boys to continue. We held our 2nd VBS during June 22-26. We ended up with 167 children. Our theme this year was F.R.O.G.S. so the games and crafts had to do with frogs. The weeks messages had too do with the letters of the word F.R.O.G.S. “F” standing for forgiveness, “R” standing for respect, “O” standing for obey, “G” standing for give thanks, and “S” for service. During Bible time Prince, Koasi, Kendall and I taught on these topics. On Monday I taught about forgiveness, our tent is in front of a business and a man sitting inside heard the Bible story and he came out and asked if we want him to go to heaven? That was his way of saying, can I get saved? Prince and I was able to lead him to the Lord. Esther a teen girl came all week to help my wife during Craft time. Esther is a friend of Nellie’s and just lives down from the church. Esther came to both services on Sunday and to the Ladies Bible study on Monday. We had 56 children for Jr. church on Sunday. My wife taught on heaven and the Lamb’s Book of Life. Is your name written there? We were able to lead 4 of the VBS children to the Lord on Sunday.

Mole National Park
Being persuaded after six years by my family, we headed up North the 1st week in June to Mole Park, a game reserve, for a special time together. To say the least it was a “special time” together, but it was not a wonderful special time as was anticipated! We took a bus to Kumasi, were we stayed with some fellow missionary friends. Then continued our trip to the park where adventure really began! It has made it into some of the stories we have about Ghana. It was a long, tiring, dirt covered trip. We enjoyed the monkeys, warthogs and seeing the baboons snatch food from off some of the guests breakfast plates while they were not watching. We could see elephants swimming in the water hole. We took a ride to see if we could get a closer look to the elephants, we spotted one about 50 feet off but it was camouflaged through the trees. Our tip back to Kumasi was not as bad as the trip on the way to the Park. We stopped back in Kumasi and then headed back to Takoradi to our appreciated home. We can now say we have been there, but we don’t plan on returning any time soon.

Upcoming Event:
Myself, who will teach some classes, and our youth, which here in Ghana includes those in their early 20’s, will be going to a youth conference in Tema (which is close to Accra) at the end of July. Please pray for the youth as we travel and also that they may make some life changing decisions for the Lord during this time.

Bits of Bread:“The Model Life - Is One Who Is Compassionately Concerned About The Condition Of Another’s Faith”
“,...I sent to know your faith,…” I Thess. 3:5b
I In that of a Personal Sacrifice for Another’s Faith v1,2;
II In that It is Established in Them v2,10;
III In that They’re Comforted By It v2;
IV In that Satan is not Disrupting Their Faith v5;
V In that Their Faith is Dowsed with Love v6,12;
VI In that Their Faith is Unblameable in Holiness.v13
As a Continually Concerned Father for his Child; As Paul a Church Planter for his Plant; As Timotheus a Yielded Servant to the Lord and Preacher of the Lord .

Prayer Request/Schedule:
Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church of Sekondi/Essikado
Sunday Morning Service 9/10 AM
Sunday Evening Service 5 PM
Sunday Teachers Training 12 PM (once a month)
Monday Evening Ladies Bible Study 5 PM (twice a month)
Tuesday Evening Men’s Discipleship Class 6:30 PM
Wednesday Morning Public School Devotion 7:30 AM
Wednesday Evening Master Club/ Service 5/7 PM
Friday Assistant Growth Class 5 PM
Saturday Morning Village Mtgs/Visitation 8:30/9:30 AM