Saturday, May 9, 2009

May Newsletter 2009

We had a good Easter service. After the service we went to the ocean to baptize 3. Philip Mensah is an older man, a fisherman, and also, he is Prince's Uncle. He has several young kids that come. Lamisi is from West Ridge school were Koasi led her to the Lord on Wednesday morning and who he has gone through some discipleship basics with on Sunday mornings. Joseph also was baptized who was led to the Lord by Prince, he is going through discipleship with Prince and lives by Prince in Ketan.

We had 69 in attendance for Cornerstone Biblical Baptist 2nd Anniversary. We had lunch and took group pictures following the morning services. We had an early evening service with Master club singing some songs and reciting to us some verses. We also had the men sing and others giving testimonies. We then had the preacher boys, Prince and Koasi have question and answer time. It was truly rewarding to see them use what they have been taught over the last few years. They answered back with Scriptures from the pure Word of God. There are some pictures of the baptism and Anniversary Sunday on our blog page. We have started this blog page back in September 2008. It is more up to date and timely than the newsletters which go through snail mail. As you scroll down it lets you see and read newsletters from the past. Plus on the blog you can see and read more of the ministry here in Ghana and get up to date pictures, for you benefit.

The Bible school students finished their last exam for the year on May 4th. Classes will begin again at the end of August 2009 for the coming school year. We have scheduled VBS for June. Youth Conference in July. My wife and I have to get our passports renewed in July, the kids got theirs done last summer. There is an Irish company who has come to drill oil in Ghana. It is not far from where we live. Rent for housing has gone up. We are thankful our rent has not increased to extremely do to those who are seeking to make a profit off of foreigners. Which also brings me to another praise. When renting our room for the church back in November we renewed for another 2 year agreement which gives us a little more time for them to get over the oil workers and hopefully and prayerfully time to find a permanent place of our own of the Lord sees fit. Our church room has been ours stably but not permanently. Please be in Prayer for that!

BITS OF BREAD: "The Model Servant - Lets The Word Of GOD Affect Himself"
"For yourselves, brethern, know our entrance in unto you, that it was not in vain: Ye it is in truth, the Word of God, which effectually worketh also in you that believe." I Thess. 2:1,13b,d

I. In Our Contentions v1-2
II. In Our Exhortations v3-6
III. In Our Affections v7-9
IV. In Our Behaviors v10-13
V. In Our Brethren And Joy v14-20

Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church of Sekondi/Essikado
Sunday Morning Services 9/10 AM
Sunday Evening Services 5 PM
Sunday Teachers Training 12 PM (1X a month)
Monday Evening Ladies Bible Study 5 PM (2X a month)
Tuesday Evening Men's Discipleship Class 6:30 PM
Wednesday Morning Public School Devotion (West Ridge Sch) 7:30 AM
Wednesday Evening Service/Master Club 6/7 PM
Friday Assistant Growth Class 5 PM
Saturday Morning Village Mtgs/Visitation 8:30/9:30AM

Declaring the glory of the Lord,

Matthew J. Siekbert