Saturday, January 3, 2009

January Newsletter 2009

We are looking forward to this new year and what God has planned for Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church in Sekondi. Prince, Koasi and myself had a planning meeting in December to get ready for the new year. We planned activities, set new goals, and set agendas for the 2009 year. Koasi and Prince have been preaching twice a month on Sunday evening and one Wednesday evening. They will be preaching and heading up more things this year. Between the two, the will get a chance to teach adult Sunday School twice in a month and also Sunday morning service twice a month. The three of us have been teaching during chapel at West Ridge School for the second school year and we are now seeing the fruit of our labor. Tom, a young teen age boy got saved during chapel services and has been coming to church. Many at the school have talked with Prince and Koasi about their salvation and other questions concerning the Bible. God is working in the students there at West Ridge. We played football (soccer) in Mpeasm on the Saturday before our Christmas break and we had 2 boys come that Sunday with Robert who is 10 years old. They walk from Mpeasm to church on Sunday morning.

Our focus for the new year is training teachers for Sunday School and Jr. Church. My wife has been teaching with some help here and there. We have Priscilla, Nellie, Linda and Kendall who have already started rotating in teaching this new year. At the end of each month we will have a teachers training class. Please pray for these teachers as they are yielded in doing their responsibility from God to their own people in teaching others the gospel and others who are saved to grow in Christ as true Christians should. Through following the Lord in service you will get a better understanding "...a good understanding have all they that do..." Ps 111:10. Pray for them as they do more for Christ and that God will work in their hearts. A national can do a far better job than we can. They listen and can relate better with their own. We are just the tools being used by God to plant and establish this Blood Bought, New Testament local church. Through this plant in Sekondi and through His people here, we believe that His work will grow and reproduce itself. There are a good number of young people in this church that are eagerly listening and learning. They will be used of God as they stay on the right track!

We thank God for our children who are growing up fast. Naomi is 10, Matthew Jr. 9, Joseph 7, and Nehemiah 2. Our kids have enjoyed Master Club which we started in September. They are learning many verses along with the children in church. Matthew is helpful at church with putting up the tent and carrying out benches for children's church. Naomi cleans up the inside of the church wipes off the dust on the chairs, sets out the hymnals and Bibles. Joseph helps out were he can. Nehemiah well he keeps mom busy and everyone else entertained. We thank God for his watch care and for our health as we have been in Ghana. None of us have been sick and we praise God. We believe it is not just our ministry but the families. They do a great job at being friendly and anywhere we go other kids are calling out our kids names and waving. Thank you for your cards, gifts, support and your special offerings from the Sunday School classes this past year.

Keeping God's Word I John 2:3-6 "...whoso keepeth his word, in him verily is the love of God perfected..." v5
I. Helps you in your fellowship with the Lord. v5
II. Helps you stay strong in the Lord. V13-14
III. Helps you deal with the present v19-24

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