Monday, November 3, 2008

November Newsletter 2008

October Revival:
Our Revival Services during October 12-15 went well. We had Pastor Consford, Pastor Davis, Pastor Kearney and myself preaching the services during the week. One boy received Christ as his Savior at the beginning, one older teen received Christ as his Savior at the close of the meetings and during the week many others raised their hands about God's dealing and decisions with them. Our theme for the revival was Reproduction. They Types of Reproduction that we focused on was: Personal Spiritual growth, Church Growth, and Soul Winning. The topics were: They Types Of; The challenges Of; The Responsibility Of: The Importance Of; and The enthusiasm Of Reproduction. We had special music each night of the revival. We started out with the youth group singing a song, then some of the Men of the church, the children from Master Club sang and Bro. Kearney played his trumpet on Wednesday. We had a great time of fellowship with the Consford family from Ivory Coast and Bro. Kearney a missionary from Accra that spent two days with us. It was a blessing!

October House Church:
There was a funeral in the street right outside the church on Saturday and Sunday and with their wall of speakers you can't hear a thing. So, I decided instead of trying to compete with them and lose, we had several house churches at some of the members locations for Sunday evening service. Prince and I held church at his house and Viancia his younger cousin got saved, then I went to meet up with Koasi and Martin our song director at Linda's Family house were they were holding services. Many people came out to listen to the service as Koasi preached. It was a very good time. Kendall went to our house and taught on being the "Light of the World." This Sunday evening we had testimonies on how the house churches went and it was encouraging to hear the testimonies. When two or more are gathered, there am I in the midst."`

Needed Prayer:
One of our watchmen who has been with us for 4 years, quit this past month. It has left a void in our schedule but more importantly he has stopped coming to church. He was faithful to all the services. I don't believe it was in vain. His father has committed suicide this past week. Some of the men and I went and talked to Mensah about his Dad's death which he seemed to be comforted by the visit. The difficult thing about dealing with the African is that they don't tell you the truth many times, even when you've been with them faithfully. Pray for his family and that during this time we can be an encouragement to his family and share Christ with them. Also and older man in the church, his wife has died. Pray for him as he needs to be encouraged in the Lord. Pray for Kendall a teen boy who lives by us. We leave the house early on Wednesday's for Master Club and since we have started Kendall has not been able to come because he is not home form school. He has taken a taxi occasionally to come to church but pray that the Lord will work in his heart to make it priority and the Devil does not get the victory. He is a good young teen and faithful to all the other services. He has been with us for 5 years. The Bible school students are over half way finished with this semester, please continue to pray for them. It will be a busy next two months as we have special holiday activities at the church.

Bits of Bread: Concerning God's Will - II Kings 5:8:14
"And his servants came near, and spake unto him, and said, My father, if the prophet had bid thee do some great thing, wouldest though not have done it?..." V13
(by Prince Takie a young preacher at Cornerstone)
I. God's Will Might Not Make Sense v10
II. God's Will Might Not Seem Safe v12
III. Gods' Will Might Not Require Our Capabilities and power v13

Prayer Request:
Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church
Bible School Master Club Youth Group
Church Land Soul Winning Class Mensah and his family

Declaring the glory of the Lord,

Matthew J. Siekbert