Friday, August 29, 2008

September Newsletter 2008

Bible School Begins:
On September 1st, Western Bible Baptist Institute begins once again. We are looking forward to a great school year. I will be teaching OT Survey II and NT Survey I. This will be the beginning of Prince and Koasi's second year as Pastoral students.

Master Club:
Master Club will start on September 3rd. We were given some older Master Club material. We will be having Master Club before church at 5:30 PM on Wednesdays. Please pray for this ministry as we teach the kids, they are the future church. We have 12 children registered to come to Master Club. My wife has made a Christian Flag and sashes to put the awards on. We do not have patches to give to the children for each patch earned, so we are going to use different colored beads and pin them on their sashes. We are trying to use things that are available to the Ghanaians so when the time comes for them to take over it will be something they can continue.

Church Happenings:
We have 3 kids taking the baptismal class. Esther, she is 10 and I led her to the Lord. Fostina is 11, she got saved right after VBS and Robert is 11, he has been coming from Mpeasam the village ministry. Prince led him to the Lord. We talked to them about baptism and then they started the baptism class two weeks ago. These 3 will also be in Master Club.

We have a lot of youth in our church. We will be starting to have youth meetings on Saturdays. The youth missed camp this year due to finances, so they want to start preparing so they can all go next year. Please pray as we minister to and reach teens for Christ. One of our older teens, Josephine, Prince and I led to Christ after church a few weeks ago.

We had a young lady come to church this past Sunday, her name is Bernice. She moved here from Kumasi and is working at the police station. She comes from a Baptist background and when she moved here she asked where there was a Baptist church and they directed her to our church. AMEN! We are excited she came back Sunday evening and Wednesday evening. Pray that she remains faithful. Also be in prayer for our soul winning class Bringing Men To Christ, a guide to personal evangelism by Dr. Tom Sexton. It is starting the first Saturday in September.

Church Land:
Please continue to pray for land or a building for our church plant. We have looked at a piece of land that is supposed to be for the Chief of Essikado. When we looked into it further someones else's name is on the deed. Some of the men went to talk to the Chief last week. The Chief said that he wants us to have the land for our church. Please pray that the land gets switched back over to the Chief.

Bits of Bread: "And he gave them their request; but sent leanness to their soul" - Ps. 106:15
Quote from: Dr. Charles Keen - "You got what you want, but you lost what you had."
I. You can experience His goodness and His mercy and still want. V1
II. You can experience His mighty acts and still want. V.2
III. You can experience His wonders and still want. V.7
IV. You can experience His salvation and still want. V.10
V. You can get what you want and still want, lack and long V.15
*The needed conclusion for those away from God as Israel:
"Blessed are they that keep judgment, and he that doeth righteousness at all times." - Ps 106:3

Prayer Request:
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Friday, August 15, 2008

July 2008 Newsletter

We held our first Vacation Bible School at Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church. IT was held from July 7-11. We meet in a small room and not at all large enough for VBS but we had it, and God blessed our efforts. GO BY FAITH AND NOT EXCUSES! We was able to get the business across the street from the church who usually lets us use the area for Sunday School to occupy the area while they were open for business and we used the side yard of the house our church room is in and lastly we used our room for the activities of the week. It is the rainy season and we had rain the whole week before, but for VBS week it was nice and dry. Out theme was Outer Space. Our high attendance was for the week was 207. We had registered 69 children on Monday and by Friday we had 207. Thirty-eight plus received Christ for Salvation. We broke up the kids into 3 smaller teams and we had 3 different sessions going at the same time: the Bible lesson, Crafts and Game/Activity. They would rotate to a new planet every 30 minutes. By the end of the week, the Green Martians won 1st place out of the other teams, the Orange Astronauts and Blue Bubbles. We took points for attendance, participation, quitness, visitors and verses. We had 50 kids for Sunday School and some of those where first time visitors to Sunday School because of VBS week. During this week our church was put on display. Many people: adults, business workers, other older school kids watched, peered in the room and over at the other sessions in interest of what the Lord was doing during the week. Their attention was taken by the orderliness of the kids for the most part, the fun activities, the Salvation messages under the canopy and the young adults earnestly serving God during VBS. Some people call us the "DEAF CHURCH" because we are not charismatic, dancing, drumming and tongue flapping but this week they saw that "LIFE IS IN CHRIST and IN HIS SERVICE" not religious motions that don't bring God Glory!

In School
On Wednesday mornings at the public school, we preach to about 300 Junior High students. At that school I was able to get permission and the opportunity for my niece Abigail, which is here for the summer, to teach in the elementary school. It was to her surprise that the class was quite large. She has been speaking to about 120 children which is just a portion of the 600 Elementary students.

Youth Activity
The two youth activities we've had were a scavenger hunt and an outside game day. Some of the items on the list for the scavenger hunt was getting a chicken feather, whcih many of the teens chased a live chicken to retrieve one of their feathers and another was to kiss a goat, which we have pictures to prove the teens actually did. We all had a great time. The following week was our game day, our second attempt of having, because of the rain and mud. We had two big balls a 4ft and a 6ft ball to play games with. The teens were knocked around at times, but some needed the knocking when the balls crashed into them mor steam rolled them over.

Bits of Bread
"...what mean these stones" Joshua 4:21b
I. What God has done, Mark (Good or Bad) 4:20/7:26
II. What God has done, Testify Of 4:21-23
III. What God has done, Is Evident 4:24; 2:4; Ex 15:6

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