Thursday, May 22, 2014

May Newsletter 2014

Conference On Missions: 
Each day of our conference we looked at a need to strengthen our- selves in. Sunday was Going By Faith, “HAVE FAITH IN GOD’S PROMISES”, which was also our theme for the week; Monday was Opening Their Eyes, getting others to see their need of the Savior; Tuesday was Get Your Joshua, personally discipleship of others; and Wednesday was Getting Them The Word Of Jesus, the gospel. Just as Salvation is by Faith, as Christians, our Service to Christ must
be by Faith. 

Michael, a former West Ridge student, & Jefferson his brother was led to the Lord by Prince. Gifty, at her plumbing store in Anaji along with Foster, her friend, I got to lead to the Lord. 

Michael (right)


Birth/Death: Evelyn, a church member had a baby girl in March. Koasi, one of our Pastors, lost his grandma and they had her funeral. In Ghana funerals are a big event having lots of people, lots of booze, lots of music from Friday to Sunday. The funeral had its witnessing opportunities. 

Evelyn & Jackie & Baby Girl

Pastor Koasi's Grandma's funeral

Message Bearers: 
For March we had Philip bring a message from God’s Word. It was his first time. He is just over six months old in the Lord. It was the Apostle Paul that got saved in Acts 9:6. In a few days and a few verses later in Acts 9:20 he started preaching. Philip is of a humble and meek spirit. He is growing in Biblical knowledge of the Truth. In September just after his salvation he started in our evening classes at church along with becoming a baptized member. At work he often witnesses and tells of salvation, how it is secured forever, and how it is not obtained by works nor kept by works. Ghanaians are very religious with song, church going, and dress at their certain times of “WORSHIP”. They say that they are Believers, Born Again, Trust in Jesus Christ and all of the right surface words, right surface answers, and right surface kindness but after questioning them and seeing their consistent unfaithfulness you hear and see that their true trust is in their dead works.
Joseph our son was our message bearer for April.



Anniversary & Easter Activities: 
Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church celebrated 7 years of ministry on April 13th. We had a nice morning service and then a song service in the evening. Easter Sunday we had good services. Easter Monday is a big day here in Ghana. Our church got together with another Independent Baptist Church in the area, to play a game of football (soccer) and we lost 2 to 1. April 24th we showed a film in Kojokrom as an outreach for our Bible study there, we had a good turnout. Many from the church
showed to help and stand behind the ministry their in Kojokrom.

Practicing a week before


Bible Classes: 
Our 2nd full year of Bible classes at the church all finished up on Thursday. I finished my last exam on Monday. Koasi finished on Tuesday and Prince finished his final yesterday. Our kids finished school on May 2nd. They are glad to have a break. I have some special Bible classes with them in the mornings and that will finish Monday. Jackie is putting them to work cleaning the house and packing. They say, “They wish they still had school”. 

Sweet 16: Our daughter Naomi turned 16 on May 4th. She had some girls over for her birthday. It was a little chaotic having 7 girls in and out of the house. It was a fun time for her. They spent the night on Saturday and went to church with us on Sunday. 

Naomi 16

Esther, Cornelia, Celestina, Little Esther, Naomi, Cecelia, Emanuella

Please be in prayer for our travels and bookings. Don’t forget we will be leaving here for furlough June 16th 2014. Please send any mail to our home church; the address is on the left side of our newsletter along with our email address for contact. We hope to see many of you this furlough!!! I am booking meetings to come and report on what the Lord has done. “HIM DECLARE I UNTO YOU,” 

Bits Of Bread: 
Just as Salvation is by Faith, as Christians our Service to Christ must be by Faith. “Accounting that God was able...”- Hebrews 11:19a 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 2014 Newletter

Some Special Topics Taught And Preached
“The Church’s Obligation To Their Pastor”; “The Pastor’s Motivation & Manner To The Church” was January’s topic. In February the topic was Stewardship -“God’s Stewards Must Be Blameless”. March, this month’s topic will be Missions. Please be in prayer for our Conference on Missions next week that our Faith will be increased and that the church will be more burdened and moved to action in “Opening Eyes” and “Finding Their Joshua”.

Message Bearer: 
Joseph, a national in our church brought January’s Message on “Prayer” – In how we should pray. Matthew brought February’s Message on “Assurance”- In ways it comes. By February the
excitement and goals of the New Year for many gets more trying. Our Saturday Prep Class for some have slacked off. I guess that is part of the weeding out process. For those who have remained we have looked at the method of Studying the Bible by Chapter going over Joshua 7. We have broken it down into nature sections. It has been fruitful. I have especially noticed how the Lord responded to Joshua in this surprising and devastating defeat at AI. God said to Joshua in 7:10b-11a, “Get thee up; wherefore liest thou thus upon thy face? Israel hath sinned,...”. To me the Lord was saying to Joshua, sitting here devastated at this defeat is not going to get anything accomplished. Go get the sin problem found out, Cut out the cancerous sin problem, and Get back to the main object and Go Defeat AI. In Joshua 8:1-2 the Lord said to Joshua, “..., Fear not, neither be thou dismayed:...arise, go up to Ai:... do to Ai and her king as thou didst unto Jericho and her king:...” God uses the faithful! 



Kojokrom Bible Study: 
Be in Prayer for bus route out of Kojokrom. Our goal for Kojokrom is to get our Bible Study there to be faithful to coming to our church in Sekondi on Sundays. Then after we see their faithfulness at coming on Sundays build a bus route for Sundays until we get a good core of people. Then I would love to see us plant a church there in Kojokrom. This is how our church here in Sekondi got its start. Some of the topics that I’ve preached there have been seed thoughts from another missionary in Kumasi, Ghana. The thoughts based on Salvation have been on Adam & Eve; Cain & Abel; Hagar/Ishmael –the bondwomen & Sara/Isaac –the free woman. For the last several weeks we’ve been speaking on Abraham/Isaac –test, trails, types, and pictures. Every few weeks, hands are raised at the end of our services for salvation, challenges, and decisions. God is working! It takes a while for a pearl to form!

Ebenezer  (closest to you) and Emanuella (in green) in church on Sunday from Kojokrom.

Men’s Prayer Fellowship: 

At the Men’s Monthly Prayer Fellowship we had some eggs, bananas, coffee cake and tea. I taught on “Loving God”-“What if I Loved Him Like I Should?” for January’s topic with 14 in attendance. “Finding The Right Lady” was February’s topic with 11 in attendance.

Getting some breakfast

Men Praying

Prayer Requests & General Updates: 
Please pray about our Church Land. We are still waiting on it. The place we have staked out they are still saying it is for us. Property in the Sekondi location is hard to get. This week at West Ridge Schools Elsi brought to me by her friend accepted Christ. Last week WR Schools Bro Prince led Mary to Christ. Our Bible Studies are going good William in Anaji is growing in the Lord. He is faithful to Sunday morning church services and men’s prayer time. He also has been faithfully coming to our Saturday morning John & Romans distributions once a month. 

Pastor Prince dealing with a West Ridge Student (Mary)

Pastor Koasi dealing with a West Ridge Student

Please Pray For Us As We’ll Be Coming Home For Furlough On June 16th. We need a Good running, reliable, traveling mini van & New Support!!! We have lost about 7% of our support by churches that are struggling.

“...yet he hath opened mine eyes.” “And he said, Lord, I believe.” - John 9:30, 38
“To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.”- Acts 26:18
“If people are to turn from darkeness to light, their eyes must first be opened to see the difference between darkness and light.”- By Don Richardson 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

January 2014 Newsletter

Salvations & Baptisms: 
Emmanuella from our Bible Study in Kojokrom got Saved in December. Albert, Prince’s older brother in Accra the capital, I got to Lead to the Lord in October!!! Peterson & Philip are two men in their mid-twenties that where baptized in November. Peterson has been coming for years but just confirmed his personal trust in Jesus as his Savior during our baptismal classes this past Fall. Philip was Saved at the end of August. Steven who got Saved the Sunday after our Revival in October is our first one to be Baptized this coming Sunday of the New Year.                                                                                            
Pastor Siekbert, Peterson, Pastor Prince, Phillip and Pastor Koasi (Baptism)

Prince leading Emmanuella to the Lord

In December we have our yearly planning meeting where we Review the year; Tally up & Give Report on the church finances; & then Renew our Plans for the Coming New Year. As we Reviewed things I looked at 5 individuals that have gotten saved in 2013: Peter, Robert, William, Philip, & Steven. Each One has been baptized (Steven by this Sunday). Each One is growing in the Lord. Peter & Robert of 15 & 14 come to our Bible Studies in Kojokrom. They have also been active in church helping to set up & raise the Sunday school tent & ushering. A testimony was given last night from a church member concerning Robert’s change. This church member was speaking with Robert’s unsaved Father he spoke of his son’s Changed Conduct since coming to our church. With William of about 21 I have Saturday Morning Bible Studies. He is faithfully at Sunday Morning services. Philip of 24 he has been in our schooling for the church on every Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday nights, along with faithfully coming to all church services, then the last to be Baptized this Sunday, Steven of 13. He is also involved with helping set up the Sunday school tent. Each One of these 5 who have gotten Saved, Baptized & Involved in the activities doing their part at the church invite others to the church & have an effective testimony for Christ. Looking into our Financial Report of the year in our Tithe we went about $240.00 over the previous year; In our FPM Giving which we started teaching on 3 years ago this coming March the first year they gave $43.85; this second year to date is $151.54 by March our complete year for FPM Giving we estimate that they will have given $195.12. This might seem like pennies to many, but taking the Average of the previous year, taking in consideration our congregation and taking in consideration that this is Africa where many people are not taught to give or “Expected” to give to missions.The Widow and her 2 mites have done well. This is Exciting news for Cornerstone!!! Biblical Principles Of Missions Work Even In Africa!!! Looking to our Renewal for the New Year, Pray for us in God’s doings. As regular: Church Services; Soul winning & Visitations; Nightly Bible School for the Church with my teaching Monday on “The Church”, Tuesday Koasi teaching on “Little Know Bible Characters, & Thursday Prince teaching on things that are “Sure & Stedfast”; Weekly Bible Studies in Kojokrom & in West Anaji; Saturday Prep Classes with the Men every 2 weeks; & then adding Monthly John & Romans Distributions in Sekondi & Kojokrom; Men’s Special Sunday Morning Prayer Fellowship once month!                                                                                                
December’s Activities & More: 
Christmas week we had a week full of activities. Monday we went Christmas caroling and passed out “Blessing Baskets” to some families. We gave a basket to Robert’s family, then loaded up the van and went to Peter’s house, then Steven’s, Kojokrom Bible Study Family and then to William’s family. We had a great time. Our church has been giving to these baskets since October. Wednesday evening we had a Christmas service. Friday we loaded up the van and headed to Ankobra Beach. We played volleyball, soccer, some played in the water and then we had lunch and a devotion. It was a great Christmas week with our church family.  We held a New Years Eve service at 10:00 PM and prayed in the New Year!! After service we lit off some fireworks, with Shadrick firing one into a window of a house, the room lit up, and someone peaked out, but no one was hurt.

Blessing Basket to Robert's Family

Christmas Caroling

Devotional at Ankobra Beach (Prince)

Celestina and Esther

Lunch Time

 Our Message Bearers of God’s Word for November & December were Peter on “Hope and Joseph on “Sharing Your Testimony”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Peter Preaching

Joseph Preaching

BITS OF BREAD:  THOSE WHO HAVE SENT CARDS, GIFT BOXES. OFFERINGS THANK YOU!!!!!                                                                                                                                              
 ~ New Starts Are Often A Result Of The Resolved & Faithful
Like Noah, Joshua, the Second Adam, Jesus!                                                          
…thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things:…”  - Matthew 25:21b

Thursday, November 14, 2013

2013 November Newsletter

Kojokrom Bible Study: 
We have had some promises and disappointments of those from our Bible Study in Kojokrom of those who say that they will come to church on Sunday, of those who will say they will come for the Revival week, that is now past, and even promises still of those to come. Please be in prayer for them as they need the Lord and that they will come to church. As I was teaching a course in one of the Bible Classes two of the rebuking quotes that Christians might often say or think quietly in our efforts of Reaping & Sowing are: “Lord give me patience and give it to me now.”… “If we don’t see instant results we believe there will be no results!”... 

Kojokrom Bible Study

Message Bearers: 
For the last Wednesday’s of September and October we have had Benjamin Tackie and Matthew, my son bring us a message from God’s Word. These are two young men featured from our Men’s Bible Study Classes on Saturdays. It is encouraging to see that someone is letting the Lord do some work in their lives. I thank the Lord for these young men in What God Is Doing, especially, as a Dad for his son! Philip, the man that I mentioned in my last newsletter who got saved at the end of August is planning to start coming to our Men’s Class. With in the last two months Philip has grown in the Lord. He has invited and brought his mother who needs to be Saved to our Revival. Just a few weeks ago after work he, as a French school teacher, came to church for our Wednesday night prayer meeting as usual and said Pastor the school that I work for surprised me when on the spur of the moment for Wednesday morning worship they asked me to give the devotions. So he thought on what he should do and thought, then he said, to himself, I will give them the message I heard in how I came to know that I needed Jesus as my personal Savior beings I was a good Catholic who thought that I was just fine doing my penance and good works.  I thank the Lord for this wonderful testimony Of What God Has Done! Ghana has a zeal for God in some forms but not according to knowledge. 


The Revival week we had in October went well. People were invited. There were about 34 first time visitors. We had God stirring hearts and people visiting the altar. Robert, a teen that got saved this year invited a neighbor friend of his named Steven. He did not get Saved during the Revival but he came back on Sunday and then got saved after the class Naomi, my daughter, was teaching. Your kid’s doing the work of God sure can make a parent feel good! I thank the Lord For What He Is Doing Through The Youth In Our Church! The Theme Verse and Challenge for the week was: Jeremiah 7:28 “But thou shalt say unto them, This is a nation that obeyeth not the voice of the Lord, their God, nor receiveth correction: truth is perished, and is cut off from their mouth.” Challenge -“The Truth Is Perished, What Will You Do With The Truth?” The messages were all based out of Jeremiah. 


Prince and Steven

Land Updates, Prayer Requests, & Miscellaneous News: 
The church property still has some paper issues that need to be resolved. Please continue with us in prayers concerning that. We had Pastor Dodson as a special speaker from Center Texas; An activity day that another missionary put on involving 4 different churches. 

Prince and Pastor Dodson

 We are thankful for you all in your continual prayers and support of our family in God’s vineyard!!! We miss you all & We hope your Thanksgiving and Christmas season will be very special!!!                                                              

Updated Matthew Siekbert family photo

Bits Of Bread: 
“…I will not remove mine integrity from me. My righteousness I hold fast, and I will not let it go:…” –Job 27:5b-6a “To Resolve that our hearts shall not reproach us, while we hold fast our integrity, baffles the designs of the evil spirit.” -By Matthew Henry          


Sunday, September 15, 2013

2013 September Newsletter

The Lord’s Working: 
The Bible says that “...your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” - I Cor. 15:58 Since last
year we have been working in Kojokrom having multiple Bible studies at times during the morning, afternoon, & evenings on Tuesdays. Struggling with knowing just what God would have 2 months ago I started with some discipleship classes early on Tuesday evenings with my boys: Matthew, Joseph and 2 other young men, Peter & Robert who got saved at the beginning of this year. Knowing those classes were a right thing, I did not know that they would lead us to starting another Bible Study in Kojokrom. As of now I’m having Bible Studies in Kojokrom on Tuesdays with the boy’s discipleship class, my mechanic’s kids, his wife and my daughter, Naomi. His oldest daughter, Emmanuella is Naomi’s age, his only son, Ebenezer is Matthew’s age and his 2 younger daughters, Nicolena and Winafred are Joseph and Nehemiah’s age. Sunday morning for church Koty’s kids, my car mechanic’s kids, came. Last night for Bible Study Koty showed up for the first time. Amen!!! I know God is at Work but to see how it is all going to unfold I do not know!
As the Apostle Paul said in Romans 15 his desire was to see Israel saved. My desire is that those here would be saved. Ghana is, as Israel was, very religious. It is hard to truly get them to admit that they are lost in their own righteousness. They will even agree with you out of kindness but in their hearts they think that they are alright. Many folks here have a charismatic worshipping zeal but not according to true Bible knowledge. Through self-deception most think that they are Christians. Pray for us, Koty, and his family! 

Kojokrom Bible Study
Saturday Men’s Class: 
On the last Wednesday of every month we have one of the young men that is in my Saturday classes to give us a message that he has prepared. So far two out of the six men have, Joseph and Kendall. We go over various things such as: 10 Ways that would help in preparing a message; the ‘That’ phrases found in Titus; having a ‘Word Study’ and a ‘How & Why’ work sheets; and then going over R.A. Torrey’s Bible Study Methods. 

Saturday Class
Joseph Preaching

Kendall Preaching

School Bells Ringing Again: 
In August our Kid’s Schooling started back up. Naomi is in 9th grade this year, Matthew is in 8th, Joseph is in 5th and Nehemiah in 2nd. As our kids are getting older their schedules are getting tighter and the days seem to be shorter. Schooling at the church has started back up also. This is the second year of teaching Bible classes there at church. Monday nights, I teach “Knowing God: Life’s Major Pursuit”; Tuesday nights Pastor Koasi teaches “Foundational Bible Doctrines”; and on Thursdays Pastor Prince teaches on the “7 Laws of Reaping & Sowing” and then the “8 Baptist Distinctives”. Joseph, Philip, Folly, Albert, and Shadrick are new students this year. With God giving the increase of zeal and knowledge these classes are a step to hopefully, starting up again a Bible Institute to turn out preachers and teachers. We don’t know what all that the Lord has in store but we are preparing! 

Kids school
Bible classes at the church
Miscellaneous News:
After a month of coming to church and going visiting with us, Wednesday August 28th, Philip, Joseph’s brother paired up with me. I knew then that that was the day the Lord wanted me to speak to him about Salvation. We at the church have been praying for Philip’s Salvation. After explaining the Righteousness of God at the last visit we had made we headed back to church. On the way we stepped to the side under a streetlight to see some Scriptures. I asked him if he knew if he would go to heaven? At first he started telling me about being a catholic in Benin where he came from. Then I asked him if he had ever put his faith & trust in Christ Jesus as his personal Savior ALONE? Then as he thought for a second he realized, AMEN, that he needed to put his trust in Jesus Christ ONLY, plus nothing minus nothing, he could not put his trust in his own works of righteousness as a good catholic. GOD IS GOOD! Update on the church Land. The courts have told the tenants to be moved out by the end of September. Some of the people have moved but all must move and paper work still needs to be done. Among other things some of the churches came together to compete over the book of Titus. Our church won that competition being represented by our daughter, Naomi and a national from our church, Joseph, GREAT JOB! Please be in prayer for Cornerstone on October 20th -23rd we will be having Revival.

Phillip giving his salvation testimony in church
Joseph and Naomi representing CBBC for the "Titus" quiz
Bits Of Bread: 
A Person Is Better Suited for God’s Work & Providence Going Forth With The Word Of God, When He Is Taught God’s Word. “For wisdom is a defence, and money is a defence: but the excellence of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it.” - Ecclesiastes 7:12....