Thursday, January 22, 2015

January Newsletter 2015

Looking Further Into 2015:
2014 has been a good year. Since September we have been able to report back to many of our churches. We ended the year with reporting to many of our churches in Ohio. “Go Bucks!” We were also able to spend time with our families for Christmas. This New Year we were at our home church enjoying food, fellowship and praying in the New Year. Looking forward to what the Lord is going to do this New Year, here as we finish out our furlough and as we get back to Ghana, we have some things that we would like to see and some things that we need to raise money for like: 1. A Beka Flash Cards for our perspective Church Plants. 2. Inverter/Diesel Generator for fans and to keep the kids homeschooling on a schedule. 3. Appliances. The appliances we have are worn out and have been revived several times. They have been running on a few less legs during this last term as we’ve repaired and improvised. Our Fridge don’t fridge anymore. That is not bad for 11 years of power outages and power surges. Our dryer has put a few grease spots on the clothes and it finally died this last term as well. During the rainy season the inside of our house looks a gallery of hanging clothes and a maze of clothes lines that lead to somewhere. Some of our visiting guests from the States have taken back home some stylish clothes that they can only get in Ghana. It is almost like what they call art today. Our oven is what we had in America 15 years ago. It is a gas stove with an electric porcelain igniters to start the oven. With the constant power surges and outages these igniters need a changing often but the parts are not in Ghana. They must be ordered and shipped. We need to get an oven that we manually can start without the porcelain igniter.

Report From Ghana:
Prince and the men from the church had their yearly planning meeting at the end of December to schedule for the New Year. Things seem to be going well with Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church. They are still working on the church property, nothing has preceded any further. Please pray that we would get it before we return to Africa in June.

On The Home Front:
Now we have 3 teenagers in the house. Joseph turned 13 on the 3rd of January. He had a few boys over from church for his birthday. Naomi and Matthew played a song together on the violin and the piano for the first time in one of our meetings. They also will attend driving school in February. Matthew is only 15 1⁄2, but is able to get his temporary license. We will leave for Ghana before he turns 16, but he can go through the course and be ready when we return the next time. Nehemiah has gotten eyeglasses. He is going to the eye specialist that Joseph goes to. They have patched his eye and we are putting drops into his good eye to make it blurry, he does not like that. He goes for another appointment in February. Many had the flu at the first of the year, but we are all recovered and in good health.

Up Coming Meetings:
In this month and February we will be traveling in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. I will be in some new churches. Please be in prayer with us that we will get new support from the new churches we’ve been to and are going to. Missions Is A Partnership!

Bits Of Bread: “Christians, Life Should Be All About The Lord” ~Psalms 100:1,2,3,4~ 
I. “Make...the Lord”v.1
II. “Serve...the Lord”v.2
III. “Know...the Lord”v.3
IV. “Enter into his gates...into his courts...”v.4 
“...we are his people and the sheep of his pasture...” –Psalms 100:3b~ 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 2014 Newsletter

The Meetings: 
We have been able to get back to many of our supporting churches these last few months. It has been busy but enjoyable. We’ve been in 3 missions conferences and many meetings. One of our Mission Conferences in Michigan two of their young people accepted Christ as their Savior. We have even been in a couple of new churches one in New York and two in Michigan. Pray that they will be able to take us on for support. Our support level is at 93%. God’s people are a blessing. We have had balloon fights, bagging candy for the church to get the gospel out during trick-or-treat or as they called it “light in darkness” to seeing dear friends and even having a meeting with my twin brother. The Lord
has kept us safe, as we have traveled many hours on the road.



Ghana Update:
This colder weather makes us miss Ghana all the more. Our home church had their Revival services on Oct. 27-29th. Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church also held their Revival services the same week. In Ghana the electricity has been really bad, but Prince told us that every night during the revival they had electricity. Amen! The topics for the week were: 1. Patterns for Growth 2. Hindrances on Growth 3. Reasons for Growth. 4. The Need for Growth and 5. The Result of Growth.The report back to us sounded like it went well with 25 being the lowest attendance for the week. Although the government schoolteachers in Ghana are on strike the school where we do our weekly devotions have a few students that show up for in attendance. Pray for that situation to be resolved soon. A missionary in Kumasi has a member in their church, Veronica. She has family in Sekondi where our church is. Veronica’s mother was admitted to the hospital, she asked Prince and Koasi to visit her in the hospital. Veronica’s mother with tears running down her face accepted Christ and two weeks later she passed away. Please continue to pray for church land in Ghana. It has been a long ordeal, the men are still continuing this project. Honesty is not a prerequisite. CBBC is planning their Christmas Activity and the New Year’s activity. Please keep our church in Ghana in your prayers



Prayer Requests:
At home - New Support, College Visits, Doctor Appointments, Home Schooling-Mini Van Schooling/Church schooling-on the road schooling; as of recent seemingly weekly van repairs. In Ghana – Church Property, Yearly Planning Meeting for CBBC in December.

Bits Of Bread:
“And many that believed came, and confessed, and shewed their deeds. Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men: and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver. So mightly grew the word of God and prevailed.” - Acts 19:18-20
~~~ When One Gets Saved: ~~~ “HIM DECLARE I UNTO YOU,”
I. There Is A Change Of Heart & Mind v18
II. There Is Public Demonstration v19a
III. There Is A Change In Your Value System v19b
IV. There Is A Prevailing Of God’s Word In Your Life v20 Matthew J. Siekbert

We want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

September Newsletter 2014

The Summer: 
We arrived home on June17th. We had a great flight. It took us a good two weeks to get settled, and we were cold. The kids left for the Bill Rice Ranch with our church’s youth group the week that we  arrived home. It was quite busy trying to get them ready for camp. We prepared a little while in Ghana to collect some of the things they needed. They loved camp and they came back with great stories from camp and they said the preaching was good too. Our church had “Camp Chippewa” which is a day camp. They have a  water slide, archery; BB guns, climbing wall and so much more. Also there were 2 messages each day at the “Tabernacle.” Joseph and Nehemiah were campers for the week. Naomi and Matthew were group leaders who took the kids to their different activities. I taught the Monday afternoon message and my wife helped out in the nursery. 15 youngsters got Saved by weeks end! To God Be The Glory! After camp we had The Siekbert Family Reunion and all of my brothers and sisters were there. Most of their families made it too, but not all. With many of us being in ministry it is hard for us all to get together at one time. Most of us went to my Dad and Mom’s church, First Baptist Church of Milford, Ohio where we grew up, came to love the Lord, and surrender to His Call in our lives. Our Kid’s started Homeschooling with Abeka August 12th.                                                                                                                                                                       

Brothers & Sisters with Mom & Dad

The Blessings: 
When we got back from Africa we were able to get a nice mini van and housing that is 3 minutes away from our church. My niece, Abi & nephew-in-law, Joey watched our kids and sent us to an expense paid, nice hotel. I think it was a plot that our two teenagers enjoyed and quite honestly Jackie and I enjoyed it too! It was an Enjoyable Blessing to go sporting with my wife for the Evening. “Live joyfully with the wife whom thou lovest…” Eccl. 9:9-10.                                                                                                                                       
The Meetings
Our meetings have begun. We headed to WV and had a great time with the church folks   there. Sunday evening we headed near home to Stow, OH. We haven’t been to this church since they took us on for support in 2001. The people stayed afterward to talk with us, what a wonderful group of people. We had a  great start! During September and October will be in WV, OH, MI, Upper NY, and PA.                                                                                                                                                                             
The Ghana Report:
Prince had emailed us a couple of times with great news. The first email was that 9 students got saved at West Ridge School! They attended a youth conference where they had to design a tract with other competitions. He said our church placed 2nd. He also attended Esther Norty sister’s funeral last month. A year ago another Baptist church there in Ghana challenged us to a Bible quiz and we came in 1st place. They have asked for a re-match on August 29th on the book of Jude.  There have been no reports on the Ebola break out in Ghana. We thank God. Please pray for our people there.     

Esther N.

Prayer Requests: 
Our Travels; New Meetings & New Support; Church Meetings for Updates in What God’s Doing in Ghana; Mission Conferences; Our Kid’s Schooling; Our Church in Ghana, Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church – Church Land, Those Ministering; Newly Growing in the Lord there:                   Primary Pastor Prince – watching the flock, Evening Bible Classes, does Bible Studies in my absence; 
Secondary Pastor Koasi - Adult Sunday School, Evening Bible Classes
Kendall – Song Leader, Translator, Sunday School Supervisor;                                                           Kid’s Sunday School & Jr Church Teachers; Benjamin, Celestina, Cecilia, Esther N.;                           Newly Growing Christians: Philip, William, Peter, Robert, Steven, Michael, Jefferson, Ebenezer, Emmanuella, Nicolina, Winifred.                                                                                        

Sunday School Workers

“HIM DECLARE I UNTO YOU,”                                                                                
Bits Of Bread: Be Faithful! Others are watching.                                                                                  It’s A Testimony Of God. It’s an Encouragement to Others! It May Be What Makes the Difference in Someone Else!“Having therefore obtained help of God, I continue unto this day,…” – Acts 26:22

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

July 2014 Newsletter

Our theme this year for VBS was “Putting On The Whole Armour of God” My wife and daughter made from poster board a coat of armour for the kids to try on. They also did the crafts for the week. Each day a lesson was taught on a piece of the armour. We had a great week. It rained a little bit on two of the days but the kids still came out. We had to move the kids from the tent to the porch and move the games under the tent, but all went well. We saw 125 kids the first day and ended with 189 by Friday, with 2 professions of salvation, Solomon & Rosemon. 

Responsibilities Meeting: 
Before we left Ghana we had a responsibility meeting for all workers in the church. Reminding them of their responsibilities and to continue the work of God in our absence. We are thankful for the Sunday school teachers, song leader, translators and ushers. Please pray for these young folks as they stay faithful in serving our Lord, the church as a whole, and the extended ministries of this local church: West Ridge School,  Weekly Bible Studies in Kojokrom & Anaji. Pray that they’ll stay vigilant and diligent, discerning and perceptive in not fall prey to the Devil! 

Reprieve Day: 
After the week of VBS we had a get together at our house. The girls came over early to prepare some chicken, rice and stew. We played volleyball, got out the big 6 ft. ball and had lunch. We finished the day with devotion and had a great time of fellowship with all those who helped with VBS.                                                                                         

Goodbye & Baptism: 
Elizabeth got baptized our last Sunday there in Ghana. Elizabeth has been coming to church with her sister since she started walking. It was good to see her trust Christ and follow in baptism. Elizabeth is 11 years old. After the baptism we all walked back to the church. Naomi and Matthew put together a slide show of pictures from the past 3 years. After that we said our goodbyes with tears we headed home.                            
Elizabeth got baptized

Prince rode with us to Accra taking us to the airport. Ghana was playing America for the run up to the World Cup that evening. All through the airport we were giving them a hard time saying that USA will win against Ghana. USA lost to Ghana the last two times we played them for the World Cup. We said goodbye to Prince and Naomi was crying, the ladies were shocked that she was crying, will she be back, why is she crying? We said because he is our Pastor and we love him. Ghanaians don’t show a lot of emotion they maybe sad, but you don’t see them cry often. As we were waiting for our plane, the run up game began. In the first 29 seconds of the game, USA scored the first goal. Wow! Then we realized we have to get on the plane with all of them. Ha! No, it was a good flight and USA did win the victory that night. Please pray for us as we shift gears preparing to go to many of our supporting churches and hopefully, new supporting churches reporting, presenting, updating, teaching, preaching, and traveling on what God has done for us in Ghana.                                                                                                                                          

Bits Of Bread: Please pray for our church in Ghana – CORNERSTONE BIBLICAL BAPTIST CHURCH “But let us, who are of the day, be sober putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation.”                                                                                          - I Thessalonians 5:8                                                                       
“HIM DECLARE I UNTO YOU,”                                                        

Matthew J. Siekbert       

Thursday, May 22, 2014

May Newsletter 2014

Conference On Missions: 
Each day of our conference we looked at a need to strengthen our- selves in. Sunday was Going By Faith, “HAVE FAITH IN GOD’S PROMISES”, which was also our theme for the week; Monday was Opening Their Eyes, getting others to see their need of the Savior; Tuesday was Get Your Joshua, personally discipleship of others; and Wednesday was Getting Them The Word Of Jesus, the gospel. Just as Salvation is by Faith, as Christians, our Service to Christ must
be by Faith. 

Michael, a former West Ridge student, & Jefferson his brother was led to the Lord by Prince. Gifty, at her plumbing store in Anaji along with Foster, her friend, I got to lead to the Lord. 

Michael (right)


Birth/Death: Evelyn, a church member had a baby girl in March. Koasi, one of our Pastors, lost his grandma and they had her funeral. In Ghana funerals are a big event having lots of people, lots of booze, lots of music from Friday to Sunday. The funeral had its witnessing opportunities. 

Evelyn & Jackie & Baby Girl

Pastor Koasi's Grandma's funeral

Message Bearers: 
For March we had Philip bring a message from God’s Word. It was his first time. He is just over six months old in the Lord. It was the Apostle Paul that got saved in Acts 9:6. In a few days and a few verses later in Acts 9:20 he started preaching. Philip is of a humble and meek spirit. He is growing in Biblical knowledge of the Truth. In September just after his salvation he started in our evening classes at church along with becoming a baptized member. At work he often witnesses and tells of salvation, how it is secured forever, and how it is not obtained by works nor kept by works. Ghanaians are very religious with song, church going, and dress at their certain times of “WORSHIP”. They say that they are Believers, Born Again, Trust in Jesus Christ and all of the right surface words, right surface answers, and right surface kindness but after questioning them and seeing their consistent unfaithfulness you hear and see that their true trust is in their dead works.
Joseph our son was our message bearer for April.



Anniversary & Easter Activities: 
Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church celebrated 7 years of ministry on April 13th. We had a nice morning service and then a song service in the evening. Easter Sunday we had good services. Easter Monday is a big day here in Ghana. Our church got together with another Independent Baptist Church in the area, to play a game of football (soccer) and we lost 2 to 1. April 24th we showed a film in Kojokrom as an outreach for our Bible study there, we had a good turnout. Many from the church
showed to help and stand behind the ministry their in Kojokrom.

Practicing a week before


Bible Classes: 
Our 2nd full year of Bible classes at the church all finished up on Thursday. I finished my last exam on Monday. Koasi finished on Tuesday and Prince finished his final yesterday. Our kids finished school on May 2nd. They are glad to have a break. I have some special Bible classes with them in the mornings and that will finish Monday. Jackie is putting them to work cleaning the house and packing. They say, “They wish they still had school”. 

Sweet 16: Our daughter Naomi turned 16 on May 4th. She had some girls over for her birthday. It was a little chaotic having 7 girls in and out of the house. It was a fun time for her. They spent the night on Saturday and went to church with us on Sunday. 

Naomi 16

Esther, Cornelia, Celestina, Little Esther, Naomi, Cecelia, Emanuella

Please be in prayer for our travels and bookings. Don’t forget we will be leaving here for furlough June 16th 2014. Please send any mail to our home church; the address is on the left side of our newsletter along with our email address for contact. We hope to see many of you this furlough!!! I am booking meetings to come and report on what the Lord has done. “HIM DECLARE I UNTO YOU,” 

Bits Of Bread: 
Just as Salvation is by Faith, as Christians our Service to Christ must be by Faith. “Accounting that God was able...”- Hebrews 11:19a